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Woofs of Wisdom: A Collection of Dog Training & Behaviour Soundbites #Giveaway!

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With years of experience as a renowned dog behavioural expert, Tony Cruse is fully aware that it’s not always easy to bridge the gap between pooch and person. However, in his new book, Cruse brings together over forty of the world’s top canine experts in a compilation of short phrases and sound bites that will forever change this most special of relationships.

There really is nothing on the market quite like ‘Woofs of Wisdom: A Collection of Dog Training & Behaviour Soundbites’.

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This pocket-book of doggy wisdom contains a superb variety of concise phrases which help you understand and train your pet dog.

Expert Dog Trainer Tony Cruse has reached out to over forty of the world's top dog trainers and behaviour professionals. The task was to provide useful and short soundbites which help to explain your pet dog, his behaviour and the training required.


To add even more information and knowledge, each of the 91 shorts phrases is then given a full explanation by the respected expert.

Woofs of Wisdom contains contributions from the following experts...Andrea Arden, Anna Patfield, Annie Phenix, Carolyn Menteith, Claudia Estanislau, David Ryan, Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell, Denise Armstrong, Denise Fenzi, Diane Kasperowicz, Donna Saunders, Dr Ian Dunbar, Grisha Stewart, Hannah Wilkinson, Isla Fishburn, Jacqueline Boyd, Jane Arden, Jane Williams, Jean Donaldson, Jo Pay, Justine Schuurmans, Karen Bush, Kay Attwood, Kay Laurence, Kelly Gorman Dunbar, Kirsten Dillon, Lily Clark, Linda Case, Linda Michaels, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, Louise Glazebrook, Louise Wilson, Lynda Taylor, Mik Moeller, Muriel Brasseur, Sally Marchant, Sarah Fisher, Silvia Trkman, Sue Kinchin, Susan G Friedman, Suzanne Clothier, Theresa McKeon, Tim Bleecker, Toni Shelbourne, Tony Cruse, Tracie Hotchner and Val Harvey.

With 91 Woofs of Wisdom, this pocket-sized book will be carried around by dog enthusiasts for many years to come!

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“This book can be successfully utilized by everyone from canine professionals and dog trainers, all the way to individual owners looking to strengthen the bond they have with their pet,” explains the author. “It’s a handy size, so can travel anywhere; as dog owners know, wisdom is often needed at the most unexpected and unconventional of times!”

Continuing, “Compiling it was quite the task. I literally scoured for experts all around the world to get a wealth of different perspectives. The soundbites and phrases I got back were widely varied, which is exactly what I was looking for. I’m delighted with the final product and can’t wait to see how it is put to work in the field.”  ~ Tony Cruse

Time for a giveaway for a copy of this fantastic book!  Open to residents of the USA and it closes on February 28th, 2018. 



 ‘Woofs of Wisdom: A Collection of Dog Training & Behaviour Soundbites’ is available now:

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About the Author:

Tony Cruse has a wealth of experience helping owners to understand their dogs, improve their pet’s behaviour and enjoy a successful relationship with their canine companion. He is a regular feature writer for various magazines and a sought-after speaker.

Tony's previous book was the highly regarded, '101 Doggy Dilemmas'. He holds training classes, behavioural consults, workshops and lectures. Tony has helped over 1000 dogs with his behavioural adjustment plans and is a nominated lecturer at the UK’s Writtle University College.