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Pisces Pet Emporium - The Largest Family-owned, Independent Pet Store in Canada! #Giveaway!

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It's really good to know that family businesses are alive and well in Canada.  One such business is Pisces Pet Emporium in Calgary, Alberta.  Their in-store and on-line pet supply business is well respected, as they are truly dedicated to pets and pet parents all across the country. 

And great news! They have offered readers of The Pet Blog Lady blog a chance to win a fantastic prize!   A Chilly Dog Sweater, which is a very popular item in their store (and on-line) ! (Please look for the Giveaway form at the end of the post to enter)  

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 The Pisces Story


Pisces Pet Emporium was started in 1975, in a 900 sq. ft. building in Peter and Ave’s backyard. At that time they were called Pisces Exotica and they only carried fish and fish supplies. Peter and Ave, both teachers by profession, ran the store during their free time on weeknights and weekends. The first few years were difficult, but thanks to hard work, dedication to customer service, and the repeat business of many loyal customers, Pisces Exotica was able to grow and relocate into the strip mall at 5220 4th Street NE in 1981. The name then changed to Pisces Pet Emporium, and they expanded their inventory to include dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles, birds, and their necessary supplies. Three expansions later, Pisces Pet Emporium grew to cover 20,000 sq. ft. and carried the largest selection of pets and their supplies in Calgary.

In September 2009, Pisces Pet Emporium moved into a brand new 30,000 sq. ft. building.

They've had many wonderful employees who frequently come back to say hello. They recognize they're in the pet business, but they can often say they're as much in the people business. They want the business to grow, and they can only do that with dedicated employees and loyal customers.

They will do everything they possibly can in the years to come to make Pisces Pet Emporium an enjoyable place to work and shop.

 School tour

Pisces Pet Emporium offers tours to schoolchildren and children’s clubs and organizations such as Brownies and Cubs. Tours of the store allow children to learn about exotic pets and emphasize the responsibility-and fun-that come with caring any pet.



They follow what's happening in the pet industry, such as Dental Health Month and offer in-store events, helping to educate the consumer. 

Other extras that Pisces Pet Emporium offer are Care Sheets, to help pet parents learn how best to care for their furry, feathered and scaly friends; A V.I.Pisces Points Program, a way to earn points and redeem $ for in-store and online purchases; A Frequent Buyer Program; and more!



Time for a giveaway!  This is open to residents of Canada, 18 years and over.  The winner will receive a Chilly Dog Sweater of their choice and whatever size that best fits their dog.  Good luck and thank you to Pisces Pet Emporium for supplying the prize!




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To order a Chilly Dog Sweater for your dog and to check out the HUGE selection that Pisces Pet Emporium offers, visit their website at   They're also on Facebook and Instagram!   YouTube too! 

FREE Shipping with orders over $49!  Sweet!