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Walkease: The World's First Winter Glove For Dog Owners!

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Have you ever seen a product and thought to yourself, "Dang...Why didn't I think of that?!" There is a product on Kickstarter right now that is one of those products. 

Walkease is The World's First Winter Glove For Dog Owners! The peep behind the project is Cory Owens, and recently he reached out to me about his venture.  I have to say that I get several Kickstarter promotional "pitches" weekly and this one really stood out.  Finally there is a warm and toasty solution to your dog-walking hands that makes total sense.

I am totally thrilled at how they keep my crappy circulation fingers nice and warm and just how functional the Walkease are.  They are very well made, fit nice and snug, durable, fashionable and perfect for what dog walkers need. 



 Just some of the key points of this innovative product are:

  • First ever winter glove designed for dog owners and dog lovers. (Hence the "why didn't I think of that!")
  • Synthetic grip on finger tips allow you to open bags without taking off your glove 
  • Pockets on the bag of the gloves allow you to store up to four (4) bags
  • Palm grip provides extra traction while holding leash (Especially for when Fido is straining to get in that extra sniff)
  • Walkease are waterproof, form fitting, warm, flexible and extremely comfortable.  (And did I mention super spiffy?)
  • Walkease are a winter glove “fur any occasion” 


  Walkease9 (1)

 Holds up to 4 bags so no more fumbling for them in your pocket!

Glove collage

And here's where you can make a difference to dogs who could really use our help.  With each purchase, 5% will be donated to Save Our Scruff, a Toronto, Canada based not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing care and rehabilitation for stray, abandoned or displaced dogs.  Awesome gloves for you...much needed funds for the pooches. Win, win.

Available at an early bird price of $30 CDN for a limited time only!   (Worldwide delivery!) 

But act FAST as the campaign ends on February 24, 2018.



On a side note, these are the best gloves for cross-country skiing that I have ever owned.  Warm, great grip and a place to hold your kleenex.  (For more than frequent nose-running incidents).  And they are wonderful as driving gloves too!






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Hi, I would love a pair of these gloves but could not find the option to pick a size.

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