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Fun-to-Build Projects for Happy and Healthy Chickens!

 Chicken diy cover

For the DIY crowd, raising chickens is a cost-saving activity that's not only sustainable, it is fun too! But providing the proper environment for backyard chickens is a critical component of this eco-friendly hobby, and it takes careful thought and consideration.

ChickenDIY1 Clear step-by-step color photographs guide the reader through each hands-on project.

Farmer and author Samantha Johnson takes a practical approach when it comes to building environments for her chickens. "Chickens are generally easy to care for and inexpensive to keep," she says. "The required infrastructure for a flock of chickens—housing, fencing, and feeding/watering equipment—is minimal and well within the reach of a DIYer who would like the satisfaction of building these items for him- or herself."
Johnson has laid the essential groundwork for building cost-saving projects for chickens. Her new book, which she partnered on with her brother Daniel Johnson, is called Chicken DIY: 20 Fun-to-Make Projects for Happy and Healthy Chickens (CompanionHouse Books, January 2018). In Chicken DIY, aspiring chicken farmers will find creative plans and easy-to-follow construction tips for making a safe and healthy environment for their fine-feathered friends.
Some of the projects include:
  • Dust-bathing Area
  • Feeder/Waterer
  • Nest Boxes
  • Egg Incubator
  • Collapsible Chicken Run
  • Chicken Swing
  • Wading Pool     
  • Chicken Sweater (get out your knitting needles!)
  • Chick Brooder
  • Compost Bin 
Now available on Amazon! Happy Building!

Chicken DIY: 20 Fun-to-Make Projects for Happy and Healthy Chickens