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Catological's New Coloring Book for Cat Lovers!

Cat color cover

With 50 unique, FULL PAGE designs, you’ll have literally hours upon hours of cat coloring to relax and de-stress with. Each full page is blank on the back, which means no bleeding onto the other designs.  Perfect for Christmas or year-round giving and it's under $10!   BUY HERE

So, you love cats, you love coloring, what makes this THE coloring book for cat people?


50 Unique Design

Most coloring books have 25, maybe 30 images. I think that’s not enough.  Don’t be disappointed by running out of pages before you’re really done.


NOT those 5-minutes-of-coloring-per-page graphics with tons of white space. The only white spaces on these pages will be there because YOU chose to keep them there. 

Cat book

Better Art

These vector images (smooth, crisp lines) are expertly crafted to give you the joy of coloring an amazingly detailed, cute kitty, PLUS an intricate, beautiful background

Cat book3

Cat book2

MORE cats!

Did I mention more cats? Yeah. 50 unique cats to color. That’s a lot of cats. Cats, cats, cats!

Makes a perfect Christmas gift for the cat lover and coloring artist in your life!  AND UNDER $10! Get you copy today through Amazon and start de-stressing by coloring cats! 




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caren gittleman

super cute and love how you did yours! Not sure if you knew but I had that Lion mane on BOTH blogs, don't think you ever saw it, it was maybe a week ago? I LOVE IT!

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