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Say Hello To The Pet Nest!

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Say hello to the Pet Nest!  An innovative approach to the pet bed. 

Other than my huge passion and love for all things pets, the entrepreneurial spirit also stirs my somewhat zany soul. Especially when that spirit is directed towards making the lives of pets and the peeps who love them better and happier.

Recently I learned of a couple, Sheri and Mike Gillett, who have taken their passion for design and their spark for business to create a very interesting and innovative new dog bed.  Their company is PERCH Pet Products.  I had Sheri tell me how it all came about. 


"My husband I designed Juvenile products for years for Graco and other companies but really wanted to design our own product. So three years ago we tried to find a nicely designed pet bed, we hated the thick pads that set on the floor. They are hard to wash and really gross. 

We noticed our cat and dog loved the baby bouncers we brought home as samples for work. We couldn't keep them out of them. So it hit us! Design a stylish pet bed that looks good in the house, has a pad that comes out that is easy to clean or switch out fashion, is sturdy, long lasting and pets like to lay in. We designed the Perch with a powder coated steel frame, a slung seat that forms around your pet, a mesh bottom for air flow, a removable washable pad and rubber feet to protect the floor and prevent scooting. 

We wanted a design people could customize to fit their pet. We designed a canopy and a hanging basket that raises the bed up higher. Pets can curl up in the basket like their own personal cave or lay up top and watch the world. 

After three years of testing, prototypes, suggestions, planning, getting everything ready we received our first shipment last week and are ready to start selling. Its always nerve racking no matter how much you plan waiting to see the first products. We opened a box and we are ecstatic! They are really great quality, even better than we hoped! 

Its just my husband and I and our two sons starting on a shoe string budget. We used retirement funds no investors or debt. We hope to grow this into a sustainable family business."



I was very fortunate to be sent a Pet Nest and I have to say, the quality is top-notch.  The metal tubing, the fabric, the mesh.. all extremely well made and designed perfectly.  It is very easy to assemble (Comes with a one sheet easy 6-step guide). 


The pet nest has some great features that make it stand out from an ordinary "on the floor" pet bed. 


• Mesh Slung Seat                • Powder-coated metal frame
• Soft warm insert pad        • Customizable to fit your style
• Easy wash insert pad        • Customizable to fit your pet
• Break Apart Design           • Elevated for ventilation

PerchcushionRemovable and washable insert pad!


The pet nest is breathable with the mesh bottom and because it's elevated.  Very clever!

Pet perch

The optional accessory of a Pet canopy creates what I call a "super inviting snugly cozy zone" for your cat or dog.

For more information on this very cool alternative to a regular pet bed, check out their website, www.PerchForPets.com

They are reasonably priced and with the excellent quality, your pet will get lots of mileage out of their funky pet nest. Congratulations Sheri and Nick for creating this innovative product and I look forward to seeing your company grow!



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These pet beds will help your furry friend to be fit, ease loneliness and relieve stress. They are really awesome and great for pets comfort

Ethan Connor

These pet beds are really good looking and also attractive.

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