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Keep an Eye on Rover with the Maximus Smart Security Light

Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  I was sent a complimentary Maximus Smart Security Light, which was donated to an animal rescue fundraiser.

Recently I received a product that I could totally see it as both useful and effective for pet parents wanting to keep an eye on their homes AND their four-legged family members. 

Announcing the first home safety light fixture making it easy to SEE and SPEAK with someone LIVE at your front door from virtually anywhere. 

Hardly any pet owners enjoy leaving their animals home alone, attributing to the popularity of pet sitters and dog walkers. Even with these services, it’s common to feel uneasy when you can’t physically see your pet. The Maximus Smart Security Light is a smart front porch light that brings peace of mind – and safety by allowing users to keep an eye on who’s at your front door (and watch outdoor pets).

IPhone App Screenshot("Who's that guy and is he delivering doggie nom noms?")

While Maximus appears to be an ordinary front porch light, it also serves as an outdoor security system equipped with a two-way speaker and HD camera – perfect for making sure the dog walker arrives on time, or at all. The light sends real-time alerts to your smart phone (via a mobile app) when motion is detected and allows users to speak to those who are outside directly through the app.


With the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light, your smart outdoor entry light empowers you to:

  • engage in conversation with a person at your door, sound an alarm and record the entire incident (both 2-way audio/1-way video) to the Kuna cloud each month for a nominal fee
  • turn the light on and off remotely, set a schedule, or automatically turn on dusk-to-dawn mode or activate in response to motion
  • keep track of who’s arriving at the door – from unwanted guests to the UPS guy, giving you and your family a sense of safety and comfort wherever you go

Robber at door

In most cities, the front door is required by law to have an entry light. Therefore, it makes sense to build a home safety solution into a light. You can install the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light at every point of entry, preventing break-ins on the side and back doors as well as the front, while all work seamlessly together. The MAXIMUS Smart Security Light is easy to install in approximately 15 minutes when replacing an existing light fixture, eliminating additional electrician’s costs for running additional wires and cable required by most outdoor cameras.


Super spiffy designs!

For more information , please visit their website.  It even includes an Installation How-To video, which is very handy.  Very cool product!







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Excellent product! This outdoor lantern slash security camera retails for a little under two hundred bucks. And it comes in different version (contemporary, traditional and craftsman). The product may seem very similar to a video doorbell but there are some additional benefits. You can speak through the lantern, you can sound the alarm, play pre-recorded message and turn the light on...

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