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October 2017

Say Hello To The Pet Nest!

Say hello to the Pet Nest! An innovative approach to the pet bed. Other than my huge passion and love for all things pets, the entrepreneurial spirit also stirs my somewhat zany soul. Especially when that spirit is directed towards making the lives of pets and the peeps who love... Read more →

If I Had a Gecko, I'd Name Him Gary

Last weekend I attended the local Manitoba Reptile Expo and once again, I saw the passion and excitement behind many a reptile owner. (This is the second year I checked it out) While many people recoil in fear with the mere thought of having a reptile as a family pet,... Read more →

Keep an Eye on Rover with the Maximus Smart Security Light

Disclosure: (As required by the FTC) I was sent a complimentary Maximus Smart Security Light, which was donated to an animal rescue fundraiser. Recently I received a product that I could totally see it as both useful and effective for pet parents wanting to keep an eye on their homes... Read more →

Fish Faces to Fall For!

5 Colorful Fish you will see Snorkeling the Mexican Caribbean Guest writer: Tam Warner Minton Snorkeling and diving in the Mexican Caribbean is a fabulous experience. The water is clear, blue and warm, and the reefs are full of colorful tropical fish to look at! Cozumel is my very favorite... Read more →