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Celebrate Your Cat with PetSafe® Canada!

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Disclosure: (as required by the FTC) PetSafe® Canada sent me the listed products which were donated to a local fundraiser for pet rescue.

Do you know what October 29th is?  One of the most important days of the year for those of the feline persuasion.  It's National Cat Day!  A day to honor cats all over the world.  The National Cat Day website states that the holiday was first celebrated in 2005 "to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cat(s) in their life for the unconditional love and companionship they bestow upon us."  I'm thinking those are more than excellent reasons to have a special day dedicated to cats alone. 



PetSafe® Canada knows how important cats are to many of us. Millions of us, in fact, are cat "moms and dads".  In Canada, 37% of households have at least 1 cat, which translates to an estimated 8.8 million cats living in Canadian homes. And for many cat lovers, having only one cat at home just doesn't seem right.  So the number is probably much higher!

Cats give us love, affection, joy and companionship.  They entertain us with their playful antics, keep our laps warm on movie night, do their best to keep the mice at bay and lie around looking regal on good fur days.  How can we not love them?!

Show them your love with these fantastic suggestions from the wonderful peeps at PetSafe® Canada


Have you tried "walking" your cat? 

Psharness collage

If you never thought it would be possible, Easy Walk(R) Cat Harness & Lead collar ($24.99 MSRP) is the answer. The harness is made of flexible nylon which allows ease of movement without putting pressure on the cat's delicate throat. Its shoulder straps gently tighten as needed, to allow more control and a better fit while keeping your cat safe and secure when walking. The lead extends from 100 cm to 162 cm, providing gentle 'give' should your cat decide to leap forward when out on walks.

No time to walk your cat? PetSafe also offers fun solutions for busy cat-parents.  And as we all know, life can get super busy. 



FroliCat® BOLT™ Automatic Laser Light, ($32.99 MSRP)
An update on the popular laser pointer, the FroliCat® BOLT™ creates random patterns for your feline to chase. Set up the FroliCat® BOLT™ on the automatic settings just before you head out the door to give your cat some rigorous morning playtime. It will automatically shut itself off after fifteen minutes.



FroliCat® CHEESE™ Automatic Cat Teaser, ($39.99 MSRP)
A peek-a-boo game for cats! Kitties are mesmerized by the two yellow mice that poke their heads in and out of a block of cheese. And with the "Play While You're Away" mode, you can ensure your kitty gets playtime even if you're staying late at the office.


FroliCat® CHATTER™ Automatic Cat Teaser, ($36.99 MSRP)
Perhaps your cat prefers birds to mice? Also equipped with a "Play While You're Away" mode, keep your cat entertained with a chirping, wobbling bird.



Eatwell™ 5 Meal Pet Feeder, ($64.99 MSRP)
A well fed cat is a happy cat. This programmable feeder reveals five separate meals at the times you select, keeping your companion animal from overeating, plus providing scheduled nourishment throughout the day and especially when you're not around.


"I hope you got me something from Petsafe!"


To learn more about these products and many more, check out PetSafe® CanadaLive outside of Canada?  Good news!  PetSafe® products are found all over the world, and not surprisingly, given the excellent choice and quality.  Check out their International Listings to locate where their products are sold in your neck of the woods.  

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