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The Most Beautiful Pop-up Books I Have Ever Seen! Giveaway!


Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of each book.  Post contains affiliate links. 

As dynamic as they are beautiful, butterflies and fish have always had a unique way of mesmerizing children and adults alike. Combining exquisite design and paper craft with fascinating facts, renowned paper engineer David Hawcock has created two irresistible volumes with BUTTERFLIES: POP-UP and TROPICAL FISH: POP-UP. In vibrant spreads where the creatures practically fly and swim off the page, Hawcock demonstrates his masterful ability to capture the lightness, colorful variety, and graceful motion of his subjects.

BUTTERFLIES showcases the beauty of the Blue Morphos, Peacock Butterflies, and Atlas moths as they prepare to take flight. TROPICAL FISH displays exotic angel fish and clownfish, regal seahorses, and flesh-eating piranhas as one would see them darting among the reefs and coral of their natural habitats.

Pop up

Popup1All illustrations © David Hawcock


Fold-out flaps include expert captions describing details of these creature’s daily lives alongside adorable illustrations that are sure to dazzle young nature- and animal-lovers alike. BUTTERFLIES and TROPICAL FISH are the next best thing to a visit to the aquarium or natural history museum.


  Butterflies_cover (1)

 All illustrations © David Hawcock

It's giveaway time again!  How would you like to win one of these beautiful and educational books?  You can!  The giveaway is open to USA residents and ends October 7, 2017.  Two entries will be randomly drawn and winners will have a choice of either BUTTERFLIES or TROPICAL FISH. Good luck!





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Hawcock is a renowned paper engineer. His pop-up titles include Universe's New York Pop-Up Book, The Renaissance Art Pop-Up Book, The Pop-Up Book Book of Ships, Dracula: A Classic Pop-Up Tale, and Frankenstein: A Classic Pop-Up Tale.  

©Butterflies: Pop-Up by David Hawcock, Universe Publishing, 2017 and Tropical Fish: Pop-Up by David Hawcock, Universe Publishing, 2017



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Shelley Joy P

I'd pick the Tropical Fish Book but I would love either of these beautiful and educational books :)

Ellen Beck

I would have to say butterflies interest me more only because I am a gardener and love seeing them visit.

Sandy Weinstein

i like the butterflies, i love seeing them in my flower beds

Cheryl Chervitz

I am most interested in butterflies. They are so beautiful.

John Smith

"What interests you more? Tropical Fish or Butterflies?" I like them both in different ways. Butterflies are very beautiful, but I'd like to keep a fish tank someday, just so I can have little fish swimming about!

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