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Suffer from Stinky Dog Bed Syndrome? Now There Is A Solution!

Stinky bed

Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  I received a wonderful Messy Mutts dog bed which is being donated to an upcoming local dog rescue fundraiser.

Every dog owner wants to have that perfect dog bed for their four-legged family member.  You know...The right size, the right shape, the right color, the right snuggle-cozy factor...  And I'm thinking an added feature would be the right smell. That is..less stinky.  As we all know how dog beds can be, especially when fabric and wet dog fur come together.  The reality is that dogs get wet - from swimming, walking in the rain, coming in from a snowy outing and when it's bath day. 

Rainy with dogs

Now there is a company who is helping to conquer Stinky Dog Bed Syndrome (SDBS) with new technology!

Messy Mutts’ Introduces EVERFRESH® Probiotic Technology Designed To Control Odors In Its Line Of Innovative Pet Beds

Being a dog is a messy business and getting wet is just part of the job. Dogs love water and whether it is a dip in the pool or a romp in the sprinkler, being wet is just part of the canine job description. But wet dogs can also be smelly dogs and that nap after the swim can lead to a smelly dog bed as well. Messy Mutts™ has come to market with an innovative solution to this problem. The patented EVERFRESH® technology uses probiotic microbes bonded to the fabric of their beds to provide continuous natural odor control - meaning no more smelly dog bed.
EVERFRESH® technology is a completely new way to control odors in our dog beds,” says Christopher Shipton, President of Messy Mutts™. “EVERFRESH® has developed a way to bond beneficial microbes to the fabrics that our beds are made from. These natural and safe probiotic microbes activate on contact with moisture and bacteria and then work to break down and eliminate odors. These microbes then go dormant until the next time they come into contact with moisture and bacteria.”

EVERFRESH® technology is environmentally friendly and is both people and pet safe. These naturally occurring microbes actually break down and eliminate odor caused by bacteria providing continuous and effective odor control. This is not a perfume or masking agent, and contains no pesticides.

Messy Mutts™ has a complete line of beds featuring EVERFRESH® technology with different sizes and construction designed to meet the sleeping preferences of all dogs both big and small.

  Dog playing in water

I invite you to check out their website for details on bed sizes and prices.  And start to tackle the Stinky Dog Bed Syndrome with a brand new doggy bed from Messy Mutts!