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My Precious Oscar Keepsake - A Memorial Glass Pendant

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It's been well over two years since I had to say goodbye to my sweet Oscar. He was 14 and a half when he crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. I have never been a human mom, but being a dog mom to Oscar meant all things to me that are "mom" related.  I took care of him, protected him, made sure he ate healthy (with the exception of sharing on junk food night), took him for walks, gave him medicine, and well, loved him with all of my heart. He is with me all of the time and his spirit lives on in my soul. 

Oscar at beach framedOscar and I loved going to the dog beach in the Okanagan

Oscar in the car

Oscar loved car rides and just being out and about with me


When artist Dana Hawkes DiAnda contacted me about his glass blown memorial pendants, I was very intrigued. The idea of having some of my Oscar's ashes infused into glass - and into a jewelry pendant to wear...well, I just had to see for myself.  I packaged up a very small amount into a little plastic bag (just taped into a card for little postage) and off it went to his studio in California.  (And bless his heart, he returned the leftover ash that wasn't used. He offers that to everyone)

What came back just a short time later floored me. It arrived in the sweetest little box, with the pendant itself in an organza gift bag.  Two lengths of pendant cord were included which was a very nice touch. Depending on what I am wearing, I like to be able to choose the length of my necklaces, like a lot of people do. 


The pendant is absolutely gorgeous. Brought me to tears, to be honest.  Right away it reminded me of a star-filled sky. I had chosen the plain color option (cobalt blue) but as you'll discover on the website, there are many pendant options.  They range in price from $40 - $70 but mine feels priceless. I can only assume that others who have had this done must feel the same.



Dana, a glass artist for over twenty years, works out of his studio in Loreta, California. Him and his wife, Kelly, live on a small piece of land (where their studio is located); along with their two young sons, two dogs, and a big flock of chickens.


Memorial pendants

Other styles of pendants to choose from.


You can learn more about Dana and his work on his website,  They are located in the USA but can ship worldwide.  You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thank-you Dana for my beautiful pendant.  I'll treasure it forever.

Oscar smiling on his birthday

 Disclosure:  I received the pendant at no cost but the opinions are of my own.