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Cool! Bath Time Can Be Enjoyable with Pet Wand PRO

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(Note: I received a complimentary Pet Wand PRO which I donated to a local dog rescue silent auction. Article contains affiliate links)

Everyone loves a good new product for their pets and the latest from Waterpik – the leader in replacement showerheads – is one you’ll for sure want to add to your current selection. The Pet Wand PRO is making bath time more enjoyable and less hectic changing the way pet parents (and their furry family members) think about bath time for good.

Did you know that 49% of pet parents groom at home? Features like the WaterComb™ Spray and EasySelect™ dial allow you to control the angle of the water spray and water flow more thoroughly, avoiding overspray and excess water on the bathroom floor.



There are several excellent features of this product: 

  • The contoured shape of the high pressure WaterComb™ Spray penetrates even the thickest of fur, rinsing away dirt and shampoo that other methods miss.
  • During bath time, the water flow can be controlled with the EasySelect™ dial, making it easy to change the spray setting with a simple switch without having to turn the water on and off.

o   Utilize the WaterComb™ Spray for deep cleaning of the back and legs.

o   Utilize the narrow spray for gentle cleaning of hard to reach spots and sensitive areas like the ears and eyes.

o   Install the diverter with your existing showerhead and simply switch the water flow to Pet Wand PRO when it is time for pet bathing.

o   Install the adapter with the Ultra Flex Swivel Hose to a garden hose for outdoor bathing.


Pet Wand PRO_Spray

This is definitely a must-have product for dog parents when it comes to bathing their dogs.  And it's super affordable at only $49.99 USD on Amazon 


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My dogs love the water and with any opportunity will jump right in. Unfortunately they despised bath time. I bought the Bath wand pro and now the dreaded bath time is not nearly the chore it used to be Great product thanks for sharing


I can never figure it out. My guys love the pool, the love the garden sprinkler, they love going to the beach and to the local creek--they HATE baths. I even have one that, I swear, smirks at the others as they're getting baths. That is, until it's her turn.

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