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Peanut Butter Creamy Goodness! Perfect for The 4th of July!



Guest author: Shelby Gottschalk of

I have always been a fan of ice cream and it’s so hard to resist sharing yours when your dog is staring up at you with those “puppy dog eyes” asking you to share. But, we must resist the googly eyes!

Most dogs have a hard time digesting the lactose in cow's milk, and I have come up with an alternative that is completely natural and easy for dogs to digest. Bonus: it actually has benefits to it! It’ll cool them down, and they won’t even know it’s good for them.

I call this... Peanut Butter Creamy Goodness!


What you will need:

  • 1 cup Plain Non-Fat Yogurt
  • 1 tsp. Raw Honey - (Local is best)!
  • 1 tbsp. Raw Goats Milk
  • 1 whole banana
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter (Make sure it is without xylitol - it’s toxic to dogs. Peter Pan is great!)

How are these products good for my dog?

Yogurt: Probiotic with great calcium benefits!

Raw Goat Milk: It adds to the creamy consistency and is full of digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  

Honey: Great in small amounts for allergies, it’s a natural sweetener, and energy booster.

Banana: Source of potassium and fiber!

Peanut Butter: Besides the fact that dogs love the taste, it is a source of protein with healthy fats as well as Vitamin B and E.

Lets Begin!

Step 1: Mash the banana and then stir into the yogurt. I just use a regular fork. It’s okay if there are chunks of banana, it makes for a fun surprise bite!


Step 2: Warm the cup of peanut butter with your microwave or stove until it’s easy to stir, then add to the banana yogurt mixture.

Step 3: Add honey and raw goat milk and mix together with a spoon. This should be a creamy consistency.



Step 4: Pour the mixture into a non-stick container. I went ahead and just used a glass one, and it worked like a charm! Go ahead and put it in the freezer. Mine is usually ready in a few hours, but time may vary by freezer.


Step 5: Scoop and enjoy... just watch out for those sticky kisses!



About the author: Shelby Gottschalk lives in Florida with her two dogs, Benji and Milo. She runs the holistic dog blog, For The Love of Paws. She has a certificate in holistic pet care and nutrition, which sparked her passion for homemade meals and she hopes to inspire others to branch out into a natural way of caring for their pets!

To learn more about holistic pet care and nutrition, be sure to check out the links!   

ShelbyThank you Shelby for this fantastic recipe!  Perfect for cooling down in the summer and healthy too!