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Dog safe in car

Dogs love to be with people. People love to be with dogs. And both adorable species love to get around and discover new places. Why would you want to go anywhere without your beloved pet dog?

Perhaps the only thing that’s stopping you is that you’re not quite sure whether you’re willing to expose your car to your dog, or vice versa. But with a bit of research, there’s no reason why either entity should come off badly from such an encounter.

People have been taking their dogs in cars for as long as we’ve had cars – although it’s not a flawless history. Dogs, cars, and people alike can come out of the arrangement pretty badly if the appropriate preparations are not made. Yet by now, the information on how to make those arrangements is available if you’re prepared to take the time to do things properly.

The main thing is to ensure she is secure and comfortable. This means getting either a harness, a box, or even a hammock for her – or a decent barrier for the trunk. The right choice depends on the size of the dog, how nervous she is, and what you observe of her behavior while travelling. It also depends how much space you have, and whether she’ll be sharing the seat with a human companion.

But just as important is her general wellbeing on your journey. Heat is a real killer for dogs in cars. It can be great fun to see a dog hanging her head out the window as you hurtle along the highway, but this too is to be discouraged – it can dry out her eyes as well as putting her at risk of collisions. It’s better to turn on the air conditioning, and give her plenty of rest breaks along the way.

If you want to plan the perfect trip with pooch, there are few better places to start than with this excellent new guide from Budget Direct. Just a few simple steps, and you’ll both be ready for the trip of a lifetime.