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Mona Franz is an inspiring young lady who reached out to me about her new company.  She lives in Germany and is very devoted to animals and her art. With enthusiasm and great effort, she has combined her two passions, creating DipthDesign.   Mona emailed me her story and with English being her second language, I was very impressed with what she wrote. She truly speaks from the heart. 


"At a very young age, I was working in a little animal shelter in Greece, where many abandoned pets live on the streets.

Trying to help them somehow, I designed bracelets for tourists and sold them at the beach to collect funds for dog food. In the evenings when the sun was setting, I lit up a fire and cooked a huge pot of noodles. Then mixed it up with canned food for the strays around. All the pups and kittens from the small villages came for dinner! And there was always a feeling that I had to do something greater about this issue!

When I first met my dog Filos, it was one of these evenings.

A puppy suddenly appeared in a totally disastrous condition and jumped inside the car (there where some treats inside) and we became friends.

As the most trustful companion, he shows me his love everyday and makes me laugh while playing around.

DartNote:  All artwork and images are COPYRIGHT of Mona Franz


The art is an expression of my condolence for their species suffering. It makes me so sad seeing people mistreat creatures wich are so deeply connected to us. (Oh My Dawg - That just melted my heart when I read that) 

Art is a perfect way to use creativity for a sustainable reason. We let people smile about beautiful, funny things and make them feel the connection to their dogs. Sharing this connection and the love to our animal friends around the planet with the DipthDesign dog collars is a wonderful opportunity.




Lovely hand-drawn designs make them very special and every single one is an absolute eye-catcher!

Our goal is to improve the situation of the stray pets! Every purchase will help establish an international animal protection society which teaches kids and makes the world a better place for our furry friends.



DipthDesign customers are cool, creative pet lovers and will enjoy the first dog collar collection!"




Please check out her website,  It is in German but a translation button will appear.  I was happy to see that, because my German is really rusty.  Non-existent, to be exact. 



I am thrilled that Mona has offered two dog collars to one very lucky reader!  The contest is open to those in Europe, Canada and USA!  



Thank you Mona for sharing your talented gift with us and for working towards making the world a kinder and gentler place.




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Paul Schroeder

Loved the article How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

Julie H

The designs are adorable ❤️


very nice

Cheryl Chervitz




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