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Cat lovers, foodies, and coloring book fans alike will be absolutely delighted with illustrator Jess Erskine’s new book, Cooking With Cats – a quirky mashup of cats, cookery and cuisine, and contender for the Most-Ridiculously-Wonderful-Coloring-Book-About-Cats-of-All-Time.

Cooking With Cats contains 25 scenes of cats cavorting in the kitchen and pretending to be a variety of gourmet foods. Coloring fans have the opportunity to color sushi cats, cupcake cats, hotdog cats, ice cream cats, and coffee cats in all their furry glory.

“The good news is, no cats are harmed in the book – except maybe their pride,” says Erskine, a 24 year old illustrator from Canmer, KY.  “Besides, everything tastes better with a little cat hair in it.”

I was so tickled when I received my copy and am thrilled that Jess has offered two more copies for a Pet Blog Lady giveaway! (Look for the entry form below) 

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Getting to know the talented Author/Illustrator JESS ERSKINE


How did you come up with the idea for COOKING WITH CATS?

My dad thought of it first, so I stole it from him and ran with it… mashing cats together with every kind of food I love, like cupcakes and coffee and sushi and cinnamon buns. It’s hard to look at this coloring book without your mouth watering.

Do you have any cats of your own?

I do. Morty is my favorite cat of all time, and he knows it. But he’s also a butt. He’s packed full of attitude and spice, and was the model for some of the pages in COOKING WITH CATS. His favorite activities are attacking legs, chasing bugs, hide and seek, naps, and watching “The Office” with me. But he’s still a butt.

Are any of your drawings mean to cats?

Well, a little DEmeaning maybe… but no, they are not mean or cruel. And if they were, I wouldn’t admit it anyway. For instance, there is Sushi Cat, who is wrapped up in some sushi. But did I cut him up? No. As you can see in his picture, he’s just an excellent food cosplayer.

Do you really eat food with cat hair in it?

Not knowingly. However, I recently had a tonsillectomy and I still can’t taste anything. So I wouldn’t know if I did. But I’d say I probably have recently.

Where can people find your book?

They can find it at or on Amazon. There’s also lots of pictures from the book to check out on our Facebook page,

Cwc7(Jess and her beloved cat, Morty)


Jess Erskine, age 24, was born and raised in the foothills of Kentucky – where tea is the sweetest, and gravy goes on everything. Jess is a self-taught illustrator and the founder of Rolling Donut Press, and is the author and illustrator of Finish the Drawing; Coupons for Couples; 50 Simple Reasons Why I Love You, Mom; Wow! Can We Do That Again? and other books.

Jess developed her love for illustration thru an early obsession over Hal Foster’s “Prince Valiant” comic series. Most of her childhood was spent listening to vintage radio programs, annoying her brothers, and poring over Foster’s beautifully detailed illustrations.

Before pursuing illustration full time, Jess worked as a restaurant manager, goldsmith, videographer, and did contract work for several local theaters.

When she isn’t nose-deep in illustration, these days Jess can be found playing with her hellion cat Morty, collaborating with her dad Jim Erskine, striving for the highest Tetris score and searching for the world’s best donuts.




Want to win your own COOKING WITH CATS Coloring Book?  Here's your chance! We are giving way two copies to two random winners. (Open to USA and Canada residents)  Winners will be chosen on Sunday, June 18, 2017


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