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Gorgeous Hand-Painted Pet Bowls! Giveaway!


One of my favorite things to do as a pet blogger is cruise around Cyberville looking for fun things - items that I know pet lovers will appreciate.  Discovering the artist Kelly Moran of and specifically her Etsy shop, was a very cool find. Oh my dawg!  She makes the funnest and happiest hand-painted pet bowls around!

Born and raised in California, Kelly now lives in New Mexico.  Her art bio is very impressive and her path to becoming an artist is a colorful one.  She loves color and it shows.  I asked her to share a few things about herself.

"I have been a secretary, a sign painter, a paint-your-own-pottery-studio owner/operator, art gallery owner, stable girl, horse semen courier, horse racetrack security guard, restaurant hostess/server/cook/manager.  Like many New Mexicans, I live "in the middle of nowhere," 60 miles from town, in the high desert, surrounded by more animals than humans, creating my art. My dream/goal is to be able to sustain myself financially thru my artistic endeavors!  I use "Fridakello" as a play on names:  a combo of "Kelly" and the Mexican artist "Frida Kahlo" (love her!)"

Unfinished personalized pet bowls(Working on pet bowls in her studio)

Do you have any pets?  Yes!  I have three precious souls that I share my life with:

Escondida ("Dida" for short) The calico queen Kitty of Arabela!;  Juniper Berry White Jr. Moran ("Juno" for short) Love of my life border collie! and Avery, my equine princess!

Green and Red Chile Pet Bowl

(The pet bowls are very reasonably priced! - Lots of patterns to choose from)


What is your inspiration as an artist?  I've always loved animals and I've always loved color.  For many years I was hung up on creating only functional items (which I still do) until I was given a photograph of a friend's wild iguana visitor in Ft. Lauderdale.  This iguana was gorgeous and he would visit my friend's pool everyday.  I wanted to paint him.  And I wanted to paint him large.  Animals inspire me.  Lately I've received inspiration from life experience, specifically relating to fear as represented by the rattlesnake in Martha Beck's book, "Diana, Herself:  An Allegory of Awakening."  These pieces may be viewed on my website under "MORE paintings."  Those who are true creatives don't have much choice in the matter of being an artist.  The word "inspiration" can be deceptive.  It sounds so romantic, but for us it's the blood and guts of our existence. 

Abstract and cupid bone personalized pet bowls
Your Pet Bowls are delightful! How does one order one of your Pet Bowls?   Ordering is easy!  My pet bowls may be ordered from my Etsy shop.  I offer several different design choices and am willing to work with clients to create their own design, for an additional fee.  They can personalize a bowl with their pet's name at no extra charge with a choice of two lettering styles.  Prices are on Etsy

  Pueblo pet bowl shadow

 Pet's name can be added at no extra charge

Prickly Pear Pet Bowl

Do you ship worldwide?  I currently don't include shipping outside of the U.S. on my Etsy listings, HOWEVER...this does not mean I won't! I just need the customer to send me an Etsy message before they order stating their needs and then I can calculate shipping for them.  Because I live in rural New Mexico, my most practical means of shipping is USPS.  The post office is closest at 20 miles away.


Exciting news!  Kelly has generously offered the prize of a Custom Pet Bowl to one lucky reader!  The contest is open to those living in the USA with a random draw done on May 30.  Good luck and thank you Kelly for your talent!



For more information, you can check out her website or email her at [email protected].   Visit her on Facebook and of see more of her art for sale on her Etsy shop,

Pet bowl rose