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Thinking as far back as I can remember, I have always loved animals.  All kinds.  From the small pets I had as a young child (may they rest in peace in the family pet cemetery, aka the Lily of The Valley garden patch) to larger ones, like dogs and cats. Reptiles also caught my heart and yes, even bugs.  

When I think about it, I recall fleeting thoughts of wanting to become a veterinarian.  But with my poor aptitude for science, I knew it wouldn't be the educational track I'd be heading down.  That also cancelled out Brain Surgeon and Biology Professor.  I got over it. 

All kidding aside, I believe that veterinarians have a true deep calling for the profession; and that the calling starts in childhood.  Which is why I had to spread the word about Vet Set Go's Become a Vet - Camp Scholarship Contest 2017. 


Do you want to become a veterinarian?  What if you could attend a week-long camp at one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in North America?  If you are a junior high school student or entering junior high school this fall, this is the contest for you!




GRAND PRIZE: Three Scholarships to Vet Camp!

Three lucky grand prize winners will have their tuition, housing and meals covered for the Auburn Junior Veterinary Camp this summer – all made possible by Royal Canin and Vet Set Go. (Excludes travel.) 


Ten runners-up will receive a free copy of Vet Set Go’s award-winning book - a quick start guide to becoming a veterinarian.



For all the details of the contest, go straight to their website STAT!  Contest is Open For Entries April 4th - May 4th, 2017.  Good luck!


Just look at this happy camper!  He may very well become a veterinarian long before the cows come home!  




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