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Yahoo! NuVet Labs have two great reasons to be very proud!  They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary of making a difference to the pets we love. Plus,  they received the Readers' Choice Award for the favorite pet supplement by readers of Dog Fancy, the world's most widely read dog magazine. 

NuVet Labs has been helping pets achieve optimal health since 1997.   (Hence the 20 year anniversary.  Which is 140 in dog years. Just saying.) 


Nuvet Labs spent 8 years creating superior supplements. NuVet supplements are made in the USA with the highest quality, natural, human-grade ingredients. They are manufactured in a FDA registered laboratory and cold processed so each ingredient maintains its rich nutrients.



NuVet Plus is offered as a chewable wafer or powder that provides ideal immune support that helps neutralize the various free radicals that your pet encounters on a daily basis. The unique ingredients help healthy pets stay healthy, and dogs with concerns achieve optimal health.

NuJoint Plus and NuJoint Double Strength promotes healthy hips and joints. It is safe for dogs of every age and breed. It improves mobility by rebuilding cartilage and keeping joints lubricated. NuJoint Plus and NuVet Plus can be used independent of each other, or in conjunction to attain the best possible results.


Customers consistently leave positive reviews about NuVet products, showing their appreciation for the results they are seeing in their furry loved ones.   Be sure to check out NuVet Plus reviews to read their experiences with the product and the company. Feel free to check out more of the NuVet reviews on Facebook, YelpInfluenster and Sitejabber!

Karen and Anya start their puppies on NuVet when they are 3 weeks old! At 5 years old, NuJoint is also added to their daily routine.

“This was the start of keeping our dogs happy and healthy for their whole life… For several generations we have seen the proof of how NuVet Supplements work, our dogs immune systems have become very strong…Plus improving their intelligence, muscle tone, and having more energy well into old age. One of the best things we have noticed is our dogs living a lot longer without any health problems.”



NuVet Gives Back!

NuVet Labs is proud to partner with many pet non-profits throughout the United States. “Helping pets stay healthy, supporting the pet community, and rescue organizations are some of our highest priorities,” states COO Matt Simpson.



 Click here to learn more about their Giving Back Program 

Speaking of giving! It's GIVEAWAY time! One lucky reader will be winning a bottle of NuVet Plus and a bottle of NuJoint Plus!    The random Draw will be Sunday, April 30th. (Open to USA Residents) 


Thank you NuVet Labs for making a difference to the health of dogs and cats everywhere!  And congratulations on your 20th Anniversary from The Pet Blog Lady. 




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My dogs are happiest when they are sleeping next to mom.

Sandy Weinstein

my dog is happiest when they are around their mom. they follow me from room to room, my middle child is happiest when their is food, she is a real foodie.

Margot C

My senior dog Monty is only happy if he's about 5 feet from me or less, he is deaf and going blind so he gets worried.

Margot C

My dog Milo is happy if he is on my lap.

Margot C

My dog Monty likes to catch bits of steak in his mouth (doesn't happen very often though).

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