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Keep Your Pet Safe! - GLOPUP LED Dog Collars & Leashes ~ GIVEAWAY!

Glopup i want to be seen

On any given day, just imagine how many people are out walking their dogs. Millions.  In dog parks, along trails, in the wilderness, on roads and streets in their neighborhoods...   And for many, "walkies" have to happen at the end of a work day or before the sun comes up.  And that often means darkness. Especially during the winter months. 

As a walker, it's important to be seen.  Which is why reflective outdoor wear is so popular.  But what about our dogs? They need to be seen too!  That's where GLOPUP comes in. 

The mission at GLOPUP is to save lives by making dogs and their owner's safer while on walks.

They are excited to announce the launch of GLOPUP LED dog collars and leashes.  Sadly, 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year.  In most cases, the dogs were hit because the driver couldn't see them.  At just 30 mph, which is common for drivers in a subdivision where you walk your dog, it takes a driver 89 feet to stop.  They set out to give drivers better visibility and more time to slow down.

GLOPUP is a line of super premium LED Dog Collars and Leashes that allows both you and your dog to always be visible and safer during early morning, early evening or night time activity.  



 Here are some of the features of both the collar and the leash:

  • Alerts oncoming drivers up to 1,000 feet away to give them time to slow down.
  • 3 lighting modes for any situation: Quick flash, Slow flash, Steady on.  (I refer to the Quick Flash as "disco-mode".  I know...that dates me) 

  • Comfortable, no pinch neoprene handle provides extra grip

  • Reflective stitching for added reflectivity and visibility.

  • Superior design, durability and long life with a two year, money-back guarantee.

  • Weather & water resistant for everyday use. 

GLOPUP Red leash collar (1)

GLOPUP hero collar shot w logo

They are available in a variety of fun bright colors to bring playtime to a new time of day.  This is especially true in the winter when our "sunshine hours" are so much less. 




GLOPUP can replace your usual collar and leash.  Simply turn on the LED when you need it!

  DrewTulaCity (1)


How would you like to win a GLOPUP LED Leash of your own?   We'll be choosing three lucky readers to win!  The giveaway is open to USA Residents 18+.  Good luck!!  Contest closes Sunday, May 7th.

Glopup collage WIN NOTE
Congratulations Brad on your venture and for making it safer for walkers, both of the two and four-legged kind.  


 GLOPUP Debuts on NBC Today In Nashville!  Brad was happy to be partnering with the Nashville Humane Association


Be social!  Follow GLOPUP on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube



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:] I would choose the red, love how vibrant it is!

Crissie Woolard

I really like them all. If I won I would probably either choose red or green. These look really cool. I have never heard of this brand before so thank you for introducing me to it and thank you also for the generous giveaway

Sandy Weinstein

i would choose the red b/c goes well with my black and silver girls.


Green. It's "her" color :-)

Margot C

Really though, I like the red one best!

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