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March 2017

Why You Should Start Reading Pet Food Labels

Guest contributor: Zara Lewis If you have ever been tempted to base the diet of your four-legged canine friends on their preferences or, god forbid, those irresistible puppy eyes, you will be doomed. Especially when they’re hungry, but even when they’re not, they’ll eat anything, or at least they’ll try... Read more →

Know Your Airlines: The Key Differences When Travelling With Pets 

For all pet lovers, the idea of travelling with your furry friends is both nerve-racking and exciting. Holidays are a great chance for the whole family to get together. Why should the four-legged members be left out? But flying with animals can be complicated, stressful and expensive. Of course, you’ve... Read more →

GIVEAWAY ~ Demeter Fragrance Library Introduces....KITTEN FUR!

It's been 20 years in the making but it was worth the effort. Demeter Fragrance Library introduces KITTEN FUR. You're not reading that wrong. Kitten Fur. Demeter recently announced their new fragrance launch. "From surprise to comfort, from happiness to memories, from excitement to curiosity, this is a fragrance unlike... Read more →