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Morgan Is Turning 19! Senior Paws Sanctuary is Celebrating!



Today is Valentines Day!   So this story is very well suited to mark the occasion, as it certainly warms the heart.  And isn't that what Valentines is all about? Honoring love in our life and recognizing it for the powerful thing that it is. I truly believe so.

I came upon this sweet story of Morgan, a dog rescued by Senior Paws Sanctuary.  Here is a little about Morgan from their website. 

"On March 25, 2016 Senior Paws Sanctuary received a phone call from Lee County Domestic Animal Services, a local shelter in Fort Myers, Florida. The shelter explained they had just taken in an elderly Dachshund that had just lost his human companion and found himself alone, scared and now homeless.

When we arrived at the shelter we were shown a long-haired red Dachshund. He was cute yet quite comical looking with his milky eyes, wispy patches of hair and a protruding snaggletooth. Without hesitation the rescue said yes and in the same moment we were told he was 18 years old!

Senior Paws Sanctuary relies solely on foster homes for the dogs they rescue. It was not difficult to find a volunteer who would open their home and heart to Morgan. Morgan adjusted quickly to his new environment. He now had a warm bed and place to call home, in addition he inherited another senior dog companion. Like two elderly men the dogs meandered around the house quickly plopping down in the same spot to rest. Unsure of the time he had left it was decided Morgan would retire with his new foster family."


Photo credit: Facebook/Making Memories With Morgan


Senior Paws Sanctuary has a very special event coming up.  They will be celebrating Morgan's 19th birthday!   They don't know the exact day he came into this world, (although it was confirmed at the shelter he was 18) so they are going by the date of his rescue; March 25, 2016.  

Please join me in sending Morgan a birthday card and if you can, please enclose a dollar bill.  Just imagine all of the cards and donations that could add up for this wonderful organization! 


Morgans birthday


For those who live in that area of Florida, you are welcome to join them on March 25th, 2017 at Veterans Park, 171 Homestead Rd S, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 from 1 -4pm as they gather to celebrate Morgan’s Birthday with the rescue!

Morgan3Photo credit: Facebook/Making Memories With Morgan


A very popular website, Dodo, recently featured Morgan and his "Bucket List". He even has his own Facebook page...Making Memories with Morgan.  And Morgan is making the rounds on You Tube too!



Thank you Senior Paws Sanctuary for all of your hard work in helping these sweet senior dogs live out their golden years, happy and loved. Morgan at game


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this is a great blog WELLDONE

Three Chatty Cats

Oh wow, what a wonderful idea!

Kitchen Dog

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Morgan looks like such a sweetie. Please visit us at

Lisa Taron

He does look like such a little lovie.


Aww Morgan! Happy Birthday precious! :)
Hope you enjoyed your day and cheers to 19 more years!! hehe

Take care,

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