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Change is Good! Welcome 2017!
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The Pet Business Planning Almanack - This Pet Blogger's Bible

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I'm going to take a wild guess here but I am thinking that you probably don't know that...

  • February 27th is International Polar Bear Day
  • The third week of April is Thank a Police Dog Week
  • April 28th is International Guide Dog Day
  • May 28th is the day to show your appreciation for slugs
  • May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month
  • July marks Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month 
  • Pug lovers all rejoice on October 15th, National Pug Day    

Okay - So you have known about Slug Appreciation Day (the poor things are so misunderstood) but you probably weren't aware of the other occasions, all worth marking on any pet-lover's calendar. 

How do I know these things?  It's all in the Pet Business Planning Almanack - 2017 by Laurren Darr and Ellen Zucker.  It's chalked full of great information and subsequent idea-generating goodies for pet bloggers such as myself. Here is the write up from Amazon describing the book: 


2017AlmanackFront copy


Pet Business Planning Almanack – 2017 is the ultimate planning tool for running a successful pet business. Packed with insight and knowledge of the pet industry, it is a comprehensive guide to marketing your business, whether it’s through social media, public relations, events, trade shows and conferences, advertising or direct mail.

It includes listings of pet traditional, and unconventional holidays by date, week, and month; pet industry media and publications; pet-related trade shows, conferences and events; fashion weeks, pet industry organizations; and marketing.  Also featured is the astrology section by Ellen Zucker, offering valuable cosmic insights tailored to the planets related to pets, marketing, business, and fashion.

Hedgehog day

 (Hedgehog Day is coming up fast!)


Iguana day

 (I'm going to have to shop for a special dress for this one.  Something green)


Rainbow bridge 2

        (So many beloved pets to remember)

And hey - You don't have to be in the pet industry to enjoy this treasure.  If you're an animal lover and are curious to know what's happening in the world of pets, it's really worth getting. (We're only talking a few dollars)  You can get your copy through and, available both for Kindle and old school, in paperback.   Just a side note, if they say they are out of stock, they're not.  Liars, liars, pants are on fire.  It's just the odd glitch that happens on Amazon. 

So please join me!  I welcome you to follow along over the next few months as I blog about things that matter to me...Hug a Bear Day and Happy Goose Day. And more importantly, Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.  Sadly I did miss Squirrel Appreciation Day, which was in January. And I had the perfect shoes to wear too.  My bad.


My Office Manager Lucy, as seen above, is a dinosaur.  What seems to be missing from the Almanack is T-Rex Appreciation Day, which is definitely something I need to proclaim at some point during the year.  I'm looking at late September, early October.  I honor my staff.  It's the least I can do.