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Roosters Ready To P-A-R-T-Y! It's 2017

Rooster header

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster!

I personally don't think roosters get enough attention in the pet blogging world so here are some interesting facts to peck at.   You're welcome. 

  • An adult male chicken is called a “rooster” and an adult female is called a “hen.”
  • They can fly but because of their weight, they can only manage around 200 feet.  (Time to hit the chicken gym) 
  • They have really good hearing.  Smell and taste?  Not so much. 
  • Roosters like to "cut a rug" by performing a dance called "tidbitting". While moving their head up and down and picking up and dropping bits of food, they make sounds (food calls).  The ladies (hens) prefer males that perform tidbitting and have larger, brighter combs on top of their heads. Well, duh. 
  • Chicken scientists believe the rooster’s wattle, the dangly bit beneath his beak, helps him to gain a hen’s attention when he is tidbitting. 
  • This is interesting....A female chicken will mate with many different males.  However, if she decides, after the deed is done, that she doesn’t want a particular rooster’s offspring, she can eject his sperm.  And obviously not take any more of his calls.  NEXT! 



If you're wanting information on raising roosters and hens of your own, you'll want to follow The Chicken Chick.  I myself don't own any real chickens.  I do however have Rudy the Rooster in my life.  One of my many puppets that bring me joy.  He's from the Amazon Farm, bless his heart.



Rudy the Rooster - Very proud of his wattle

Rudy and gus (2)

Rudy with Gus in the background. Gus is very curious. 


So for all those who celebrate the Chinese New Year, or better yet, celebrate the fact that roosters are on this Earth, 2017 is the year for you!  Now get out there, make the next 12 months fantastic ones, and perfect the tidbitting dance as best you can.  The chicks will love it. 

Rooster8 (1)

 "What are YOU looking at"