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Ring-A-Ding-Ding - I Got To Go Potty!

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Step into a dog's mind for a moment.  There you are.  Living your doggie life in a warm and cozy home.  You've had your breakfast and a bonus treat and you're ready to start your day, which will inevitably be filled with fun-loving activities.  But wait!  You got to go potty!  Outside.  Going inside is apparently not an option. But Mom's upstairs in the den. You could bark.  Which is a skill you have nailed..but can be very annoying.  Or you could go to the door and scratch it incessantly until you break through. could RING YOUR POTTY BELL!

What the heck are those?

In 2015, Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. set about to solve a simple problem. They wanted to give dogs and their owners a better way of communicating. They wanted dogs everywhere to be able to tell their people “I just need to go Potty” - without barking or suffering in silence (or scratching the door to bits and pieces)  The solution we thought of: Potty Bells

Famous dog trainer, Zak George, made an excellent video that clearly shows how it works and how to train your dog to ring them! 



You know that feeling when you've had one too many cups of coffee and you're on the freeway stuck in traffic.  That totally full bladder sensation is not a lot of fun.  It's quite distressing in fact. Well it certainly is for your dog too. (Referring to a full bladder - not being stuck in traffic.  Dogs are pretty laid back about that). With Potty Bells, when nature calls, they'll let you know with a nudge to the bells.  And if it's around Christmas time, the jingle bells only add to the festive spirit.

Potty bell graphic
Worried you won't know how to teach your dog to ring the bell?  They provide a simple 3 Step Touch Training Guide to navigate your way to train your pooch to dingle.   They also offer the Ultimate House Training Guide, both FREE.  Free is a good thing. 

Potty bells training guide

Potty bells


Potty Bells have become the number one selling dog doorbells in America. Wow! They have made a simple tool that dogs can learn easily, but also adds a touch of charm to any door. They also have excellent customer service, by the way. 

You can purchase Potty Bells through their website or for those who prefer (and may I say, love Amazon) you'll find them there too.  Click on the image below to purchase.



 So time to stop the barking and the door scratching and start the ringing.  "Ding-a-ling...I gotta go potty!"


Potty bells door

Disclosure: (as required by the FTC) I received a set of Potty Bells at no cost and I am also an affiliate with Amazon.  Please see my affiliate page for more information.  I'm not shy. Silly yes, 





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