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November 2016

Is That Duck Poop On Your Car Seat?!

(See below for Giveaway!) Chances are that if you are a dog parent, you have most likely driven to the dog park, beach, hiking trails or forest with your beloved pooch. Out for an adventure in the fresh air, with open skies, muddy trails and sandy bays. Exploring and doing... Read more →

American Tortoise Rescue - Turtles Need Love Too!

Located in Malibu, CA, American Tortoise Rescue was founded by Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson, a husband and wife team, whose avocation is fostering humane treatment of all animals and reptiles. They decided to devote their free time to the rescue of these gentle creatures after adopting two captive-bred desert... Read more →

The 10 Most Important Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog

Guest writer: Diane Rose-Solomon, CHES (Founder, Pets People Planet Connection and Team Kindness) (Diane with her beloved dogs, Gonzo and Ninja) Adopting a new dog into your home is a whole lot of fun, but it’s also a big responsibility. Much of the fun is the day-to-day unfolding of your... Read more →

Ring-A-Ding-Ding - I Got To Go Potty!

Step into a dog's mind for a moment. There you are. Living your doggie life in a warm and cozy home. You've had your breakfast and a bonus treat and you're ready to start your day, which will inevitably be filled with fun-loving activities. But wait! You got to go... Read more →

Cats Believe We Are Harvesting Their Poo For Profit!

•Cats everywhere are talking. What are they saying? “"Open your eyes people, they'’re using us for our poo”!" “Millions of cats believe humans are harvesting their poo for profit using the ScoopFree Litter Box by PetSafe. Watch the video and decide for yourself!!” ScoopFree® Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box ScoopFree® is... Read more →

Hot Paws - A Beautiful Glass Keepsake of Your Furry Friend's Paw! Giveaway!

Hands up for those who have a thing for their dog's paws! You know....that curious fascination with their little (and for some, quite large) squishy pads and fuzzy stick-up fur. Okay - not the correct veterinarian technical terms but you get my gist. (NOTE: For Giveaway, please see end of... Read more →

Introducing Dress Shirt Dog Collars by Betolli - For Classy Canines Everywhere

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought..."Hmmm...now what would make him or her look super darn spiffy on this very fine day. A look that shows they're ready to go for that big job interview or special date down at the dog park. An accessory that truly reflects... Read more →

5 Ways Goats Will Improve Your Life

Guest contributor: Brooke Faulkner I have my own reasons for adoring goats. I grew up near a goat farm, for one. And there’s their charmingly rakish ability to scale, well, just about anything. The rest of the world is finally realizing how awesome goats are. It’s long overdue. We all... Read more →

CompanionAnimals.org - Promoting Education, Respect and Understanding For America's Working Animals

Dogs are busy animals. Their schedules are pretty darn full. Walking in dog parks, fetching balls and slippers, chewing stuffies, taking naps, patrolling the yard, chasing squirrels, letting you know when the delivery guy or gal is at the door....lots and lots of things going on in their lives. Oh... Read more →