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Hot Paws - A Beautiful Glass Keepsake of Your Furry Friend's Paw! Giveaway!

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Hands up for those who have a thing for their dog's paws!  You know....that curious fascination with their little (and for some, quite large) squishy pads and fuzzy stick-up fur.  Okay - not the correct veterinarian technical terms but you get my gist. (NOTE: For Giveaway, please see end of post to enter)


Paw pads


When the peeps at Hot Sand (The Glassblowing Studio On The Jersey Shore) reached out to me about launching their new product, Hot Paws, I couldn't resist the opportunity.  They claimed they could take an imprint of a beloved dog's paw and turn it into a custom-made glass sculpture.  Well....count me in!

My dear friend, Martha, is a loving dog mom to both Karmie and Winnie.  For the Hot Paws experience, it was decided that Karmie would be our "guinea dog" in the press-down-the-dog-paw-in-the-moulding-material procedure. 



 (This is Karmie, one of THE happiest dogs in the world)


Probably best to first describe just how Hot Paws works.  Basically you purchase the D.I.Y. kit online, which includes instructions, a tin with modeling material and a pre-labeled Tyvek pouch. You then roll the material out, squish it into a disk, take the paw impression and let it dry. You then place the dry material back in the tin and sends it back to them, in the pre-labeled postage paid envelope. When it arrives to their studio, they make a mold of the print and pour molten glass into it!  Now that is super cool.  What results is a stunning glass art piece in the exact shape of your furry buddies paw.




With Martha feeding Karmie treats to keep her distracted while I gently pressed Karmie's paw into the material, we commenced "Operation Hot Paws". The instructions were very clear on how to get the best imprint possible.  The first print was a little off center, so it was just a matter of resetting the mould by rolling it my hands and flattening it with the tin provided.  (As they suggested) The second attempt worked, with a few added hairs of Winnie included. (That's a bonus!) I did notice that the moulding material is somewhat stiff so ample pressure is needed to make a deep impression.  Karmie was more than accommodating. It really is easy-peasy. 





Once it had dried after the allotted time, it was just a matter of filling out the information card and popping it into the envelope.  

And what came back to me was a beautiful keepsake!  





(Right-side up)



(Other side)


  Finished Hot Paw

(This image from their website best shows how I think the sculpture looks like ice!) 


This beautiful way of celebrating your pet got me thinking of dogs that are in their later stages of life. November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month and no one can deny that an old dog is a very lovable dog.  There is just something about them.  And what a wonderful way of commemorating a long and loving life with one’s animal by having a Hot Paws keepsake. 


Hotpaws collage


My hope is that you'll check Hot Sand out and learn more about Hot Paws.  I know that my friend Martha treasures Karmie's Paw sculpture. I was very impressed with the ease of the process, the presentation of the gift arrival and the beauty and quality of the sculpture.  Thank you Hot Sand! 







How would you like to have a beautiful sculpture made of YOUR dog's paw print?  Hot Paws can make it happen! Contest is open to those in the USA only and a random draw will be done on December 6th, 2016.  Good luck! 


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Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  I received a complimentary Hot Paws.  The views and opinions expressed are mine alone. 


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Love contests! Hope I am now entered in the Hot Paws glass print contest. I used to love the smell of my Airedale and Welsh Terrier's paws. They smell like Fritos!! I no longer have a sense of smell, so now can just try to remember what they smelled like.


I ditto what Caren said. You seem to have a knack of finding the most obscure of things.

Caren Gittleman

I LOVE IT! You always find the BEST things!

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