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Dogs are busy animals.  Their schedules are pretty darn full.  Walking in dog parks, fetching balls and slippers, chewing stuffies, taking naps, patrolling the yard, chasing squirrels, letting you know when the delivery guy or gal is at the door....lots and lots of things going on in their lives.  Oh - and of course their number one activity is bringing joy and happiness into the lives of us two-legged creatures.  And they do that effortlessly.  I can't imagine a world without dogs. 




If they weren't busy enough, for many dogs in America (and throughout the world, in fact) having a job is part of their lives.  For some, that's 24/7! They are hard at work in individual homes, hospitals, seniors complexes, police stations, rehabilitation centers,  and even courtrooms, where they help victims of crime embrace that much needed peace in times of stress.  And what do they receive in return?  No paycheque.  No company car.  No expense account. They are seemingly happy with what they receive - love and appreciation, which is what makes dogs extra special on this Earth. 

CompanionAnimals.org both recognizes and honors these canine warriors who unconditional love and devotion benefit millions of people from all walks of life. They're all about promoting education, respect and understanding for America's working dogs and I must say, they do a very good job at that. 




Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Service Dog, Therapy Dog and Emotional Support Animal ?  Their website offers answers to many questions, helping to clear up any confusion or uncertainty when it comes to understanding this 

  • What is the definition of all three?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What training is required?
  • What dog breeds are best for these roles?
  • What are the laws around therapy, service and emotional support animals?
  • And much more, including excellent resources and free guides.

CompanionAnimals.org has a line of vests for all three types of working dogs, affordably priced and very well made.   I was sent samples and I am very impressed with the fabric, stitching and removable (velcro) badges.  The embroidered crests alone are also top quality! 

Their vests are: 
Comfortable – Your dog will love wearing it!
Adjustable – Easy to put on
Made of durable material – Designed to last
Machine washable – Simple to maintain


 Top quality!



Guide for helping you choose the right vest - Be sure to take a measurement!


Why purchase a vest?

There are many reasons to have your dog outfitted with a vest for when they're on canine duty.

  • It will save you a lot of time and trouble explaining why your furry friend is doing his or her job.
  • Businesses and the public will immediately recognize that your dog is an assistant, and not just an average pet.
  • An Emotional Support Animal or Service dog is allowed to live with you whether or not they are not allowed by leasing regulations. Not only that but you will also pay no pet fees or deposits.


To order your vest and to learn more about service, therapy and emotional support animals, please check out their website at CompanionAnimals.org.  

Need an Emotional Support Animal Letter?  Take Your Free 5-Minute Screening Today over at CertaPet.com 


Frankwithvest2 Frankwithvest

And as many of you know, my office assistant Frank the Fish is a pretty good companion (when he's not drunk, which seems to be most of the time) and I just couldn't help but put the vest on. "He isn't just any fish. Why, he's a working fish!"   


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Gail Ferraro

I have just received a 3 year old,4 pound Chihuahua girl who is currently my Service Dog in Training. She was donated to me,along with many accessories and supplies. She came trained to potty on Puppy Pads which was a real blessing. She consistently uses her Puppy Pad and after nearly a week here she has warmed up to me and loves her cuddles on my lap or on my bed. She will help me with symptoms of Chronic Depression,Anxiety and PTSD as well being my Hearing Assist Service Dog. Such big jobs for a tiny girl,but she is smart,is learning new commands and skills daily and is growing in confidence day by day.
I know people all over the world can visit your Blog so I wanted to clear up a couple of issues which your readers may not know. What I have learned is as follows: Service Dog Public Access and laws differ from province to province in Canada and from country to country. So,while British Columbia,Canada does not recognize or certify Emotional Support Dogs,they are recognized in the United States. Before anyone orders Service Dog vests,photo ID and crests online,they need to know that if the company is in the United States,the Emotional Support Dog Registration is valid in the United States only. Granted,the chance of having Service Dog status questioned is slim,it may happen. When I had my first Service Dog who was trained and certified by Deb Bouwkamp(Service Dogs in Montana)in Billings,Montana. I am proud to say that not once was Sadies` status questioned which speaks to her excellent training and impeccable manners. Deb came to BC for the certification test and she was an approved trainer listed by the BC Government as an approved training facility. My current Service Dog to be will be trained by a Canadian Certified Trainer and her Public Access Test will take place in Canada. What we Service Dog handlers need to find is a Canadian business which will sell us a vest and ID which is valid in Canada. The American businesses will sell medical letters and ID a Service Dog Team which is valid on in the United States or if we are travelling in the United States.
In closing,another bit of information which is important is that in British Columbia.Canada the government accepts owner trained Service Dogs who can be registered and certified for public access. A handler may seek assistance,guidance or advice from a professional trainer in person or online. To anyone living in BC please do lots of research prior to making any decisions about Service Dogs in Training and Service Dogs Certified for Public Access. These dogs,in all breeds,shapes and sizes can save,enrich or enhance your life and allow you to create a life that you want for yourself. One of my personal goals is to be able to travel from BC to Ontario to visit my family. Without Miss Adrienne that will not happen but with her,the sky is the limit!!! Please consider adding to your medical team the so far under used medical treatment which comes from a most unlikely source. These dogs with jobs provide unconditional love,acceptance,healing,touch and devotion which many do not have in their lives. I hope my information has been helpful. I can be contacted on Facebook by Private Message. Sincere hugs and prayers,Gail Ferraro British Columbia,Canada.

Posted by: Gail Ferraro British Columbia,Canada 

Shelley P

Special is the one word that best describes what my dog means to me.

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