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You Can Go Glamping With Your Four-Legged Family Member

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Warner Springs, California 

Wouldn't it be nice to be in nature....enjoying your holidays, in the fresh air and with the beauty of the outdoors all around you?  Wouldn't it be even nicer to be doing just that but with your pet?
Hey - I've tried camping.  It's good but with it's challenges. That whole tent-putting-up thing, packing food in and out, dealing with rain, wind and heat... Roughing it is not for the faint of heart.  And ruffing it for Fido can mean mud, limited access to the campground and being bummed out in the rain.  Not fun
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Glamping with pets
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The hot trend these days is Glamping, which is defined by the Oxford Dictionary is: "A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping."  That kind of eludes to not having to deal with tent stress, weather woes and subsequent damp food and clothing.  Works for me. 
Wouldn't it be cool if you could Glamp (love that word) WITH your four-legged and very much loved family member.  You can!  
Glamping with Pets, is Glamping Hub's sister portal, to the most luxury and nature-based pet-friendly destinations across the globe. The idea was created by their founder David Troya, when he noticed a trend in researching what travelers look for when planning their stays, and that was pet-friendly properties. He decided to create a unique portal that features all of the properties listed on Glamping Hub, which are pet-friendly, to make traveling, planning, and experiencing nature with your pet that much easier and quicker. No filters required. 
They have over 850 pet-friendly accommodations listed on Glamping with Pets, with their main markets in the US, Canada, and Europe and Australia shortly after.
They have found that the experience of bringing your best furry-friend on an adventure that will make memories that will last a life time, makes the opportunity to glamp and spend a getaway in nature, that much more special. 

In a range of treehouses, yurts, tents, cabins, caravans, and more, every listing specifically details the requirements and features of each accommodation to make selecting the perfect destination for you and your pet that much easier. Glamping With Pets also features information including airline requirements, easy ways to bring your pet along, and blogs stacked with information about the pet-friendly locations you can visit with your pet nearest the sites. 
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You can check out more information about their one-of-a-kind listings at Glamping with Pets
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I know Oscar (who is now at The Rainbow Bridge) would have loved to have gone Glamping with me!  He was my all-time best road-trip and outdoor buddy. 
-border open road with Oscar