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World’s First Underground Dog House - Available from Miller Pet Products

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Today, Miller Pet Products launches its first product that improves the lives of an estimated 20 million dogs that live outdoors across the country.  Dogeden 60 series is the world’s first underground doghouse.



The idea started on a hot summer day nearly a decade ago when owner Tony Miller noticed his dog (Zeke) digging in the ground next to his doghouse in the summer. Zeke unknowingly dug up a great idea. Ground temperatures often remain constant throughout the year - in the 55-60 degree range - even when surface air temperatures are much colder or hotter.



Tony and his dog, Zeke


By mimicking the natural environment, the DogeDen is the only dog house to feature utility free, year-round climate control, naturally. DogeDen simplifies and eliminates the major problem with EVERY other dog house; their tendency to magnify heat in the summer, and inability to naturally retain warmth in the winter.  Every dog house on the market  puts “band-aid type solutions” on the problem; often adding insignificant amounts of insulation, or going to the extreme, by adding wires, a heating pad and/or an air-conditioning unit. All of these significant create safety issues and are dangerous to a dog’s health.

DogeDen Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Design heats and cools the DogeDen naturally
  • Integrated tie-out feature is an exclusive feature of the DogeDen 60L
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Uni-body construction guarantees watertight and excellent structural integrity


Careful consideration went into the design of the world’s first underground dog house, engineering the safest dog house on the market. We worked like dogs perfecting the ingress and egress. Added the ability to attach a lanyard onto the doghouse, and maximized the core feature of the unique pet shelter, to heat and cool effectively.


DogeDen 60 is suited for a variety of dog breeds from 10 pounds to 60 pounds. It also includes thoughtful features like six steps, making it easy for the smallest dogs to get in and out. The sleeping area is  17” wide by 30” long, DogeDen 60 measures 36” long x 18” wide and 36” tall.

Well built with quality materials and made in the USA, DogeDen 60 is a great value,- costing half of our closest competitors.  Give your pooch unparalleled, affordable comfort with the DogeDen.

For more information, visit and them on Instagram and Facebook.


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