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October 29th is National Cat Day!  If you are a pet parent to a cat, you probably already know that EVERYDAY is cat day in the cat's mind.  But National Cat Day is a special day to reflect on how special cats are in our lives and how much joy they bring to people of all ages. 

Unfortunately we can't always be with our beloved cats 24/7, with that whole "working for a living thing" and "going out to buy groceries thing" that we have to tend to on a regular basis.  Cats are okay on their own but just like us humans, they can get bored. Paw-licking and watching for birds by the window can only go so far on a long stretch of time alone.


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PetSafe® Canada has a variety of products to keep your furry friend from getting bored while you are out taking care of that whole "being an adult" thing.  

Below is a description of the newest and coolest products they have that will guarantee your cat pure amusement and heck, some darn good cat joy. 
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FroliCat® BOLT™ Automatic Laser Light, $32.99 MSRP
An update on the popular laser pointer, the FroliCat® BOLT™ creates random patterns for your feline to chase. Set up the FroliCat® BOLT™ on the automatic settings just before you head out the door to give your cat some rigorous morning playtime. It will automatically shut itself off after fifteen minutes.
Frolic bolt
A peek-a-boo game for cats! Kitties are mesmerized by the two yellow mice that poke their heads in and out of a block of cheese. And with the "Play While You're Away" mode, you can ensure your kitty gets playtime even if you're staying late at the office.
Frolic cheese
Perhaps your cat prefers birds to mice? Also equipped with a "Play While You're Away" mode, keep your cat entertained with a chirping, wobbling bird.


Make him work for his treats! Hide his favourite treats, catnip or dry food into the Funkitty™ Twist ‘n Treat™; the toy will dispense its contents in response to your cat's level of play.
Twist n treat
I'm seeing hours of self-amusement, are you?   And what could be more amusing that winning a FroliCat® CHATTER™ Automatic Cat Teaser for your own cat!  
For more cool products from PetSafe, be sure to check out their website often, as they add more and more innovative products. 
I am giving away one to a lucky Pet Blog Lady reader (USA and Canada Residents).  Good luck in the draw and thank you for all that you do for your cats. And for helping them to avoid the boredom blues when you can't be there to amuse their fun-loving souls. 

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Disclosure: (as required by the FTC)  I was given product from PetSafe Canada, one of the coolest companies around!


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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

They are designed for cats but it would be interesting to see how dogs would react.


Huge list of items here. Do they work for dogs too?

Elise Xavier

Wish these kinds of toys worked for my cat. Unfortunately he is LAZY. Like real bad. Will still try 'em of course - cause they look goooood - just don't have my hopes up too high with Avery ;).

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