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It IS Easy Being Green! - Greening Your Pet Care by Darcy Matheson

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When you care about the environment, you care about the footprint and the paw print. But did you know that you can minimize your pet’s environmental impact? There are simple tricks you can do to green your pet care no matter if you're a guardian of a dog, a rodent, or a fish.

In Greening Your Pet Care, Darcy Matheson, a regular broadcaster and writer on animal care, explores ways of creating an eco-friendly and environmentally safe place for your pet. Matheson offers tips on sustainable pet care of different types of house pets: dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, and mini pigs.


Darcy Matheson with Murphy (1)Darcy Matheson with her beloved Murphy 


The guide includes practical information on greener care, from nutrition to habitat to activities, so you can reduce the impact you and your pet have on the environment. Matheson guides you through greening your home to ensure you create safe surroundings for your furry companions as well as greening your vet care.

For many of us, pets are like family members. They deserve our love and care. Caring for them in a more environmentally conscious way will help them live healthier and safer lives, and let you reduce your carbon footprint.


No matter if your household pet is a four-ounce gerbil or a 140-pound Great Dane, Greening Your Pet Care will show you that there are simple things you can do to make the lives of your companion animals less wasteful and harmful to the environment.


COVER greening your pet care (1)


This is an excellent book, clearly and creatively outlining how simple things can make all of the difference when it comes to being a "green" pet parent.  As an extra bonus, the book includes FREE access to a download kit, with DIY eco-friendly recipes and instructions for Household Cleaners, Non-toxic Dog Shampoos, Natural Flea Collar and much more.  There is even a listing of online resources and forms for all types of pets.


You can purchase the book through Amazon.ca (Canada) or Amazon.com (USA) 


About the Author:  

Darcy Matheson is a pet care expert, television journalist and dog blogger living in Vancouver, Canada. The long-time animal advocate is a frequent contributor to TV, radio, and magazines, and hosts a regular pet segment on Roundhouse Radio. She is a columnist for Modern Dog magazine and Daily Hive, and has been featured in Canadian Living, The Dodo, Mother Nature Network, CTV Morning Live, PetMD, Georgia Straight, Vancouver is Awesome, Modern Cat and the Pet Matchmaker. 

The founder of PetFundr, a leading crowdfunding site dedicated to helping animal welfare projects, Darcy is the proud dog mama to Murphy Brown, a Norfolk terrier, and Seymour, a lovable mutt.


Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC) I was given a complimentary copy of Greening Your Pet Care, which I am diligently absorbing since I am keen to save our planet like all other pet and life loving peeps out there.   



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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

That's good to know! No harsh chemicals which is good for the dog AND the Earth.

We Care For Dogs

This is really an interesting idea - greening your pet care. Well I'm proud to say that from my dogs' food to their soaps and shampoos, we're using organic ones! :)


interesting, does it have anything about ferrets?

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