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SUNDERDOG! Dog Sunscreen—Making the Outdoors Safe for YOUR Superheroes


As pet parents, we know how much our fur babies LOVE to be outside this time of year. Trips to the beach, the boat, or even just the backyard are everyday enjoyments for two- and four-legged friends on warm sunny days.

SunderdogAZ2b (2)


But did you know that just by going outdoors, your dogs are exposed to UVA and UVB rays than can cause skin cancer? Alarmingly, one in three dogs will have cancer during his or her lifetime. Because of this danger, over 90% of veterinarians recommend sunscreen for dogs all year long.


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Just like humans, dogs need sun protection every day. But unlike us, they CANNOT use people products, which contain zinc oxide, because it’s toxic to animals. That’s why we at Petique Pets developed Sunderdog! Sunscreen and Moisturizer for Dogs.

Sunderdog! has a unique, all-natural formula that sprays on easily and actually nourishes your dogs’ skin and coat with essential vitamins and oils while preventing painful sunburn and sun damage. To make sure multi-dog families (like ours) won’t run out, we put it in a large 8 oz bottle, too.

 SunderdogAZ6 (2)

And while it’s easy to think of the damage sun exposure causes now, we as pet parents need to remember that sun protection is a year round thing, for dogs as well as humans. It’s also easy to feel good about using Sunderdog! because not only is it natural, it’s made here in the USA.

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Summer will be over before we know it. Be sure to get as many walks and wags into the remaining warm days as you can, knowing your fur babies are as safe as they are happy outdoors. Just keep the Sunderdog! handy come fall (and winter, and spring), because our superheroes are counting on us to keep them healthy and safe all year long.

Sunderdog is available through   CLICK HERE to get the sun protection that your superheroes need!  


Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC) This post is sponsored by Petique Pets and I have received compensation.  I only promote products on my blog that I believe in and feel will be of interest to my readers. 




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Great that there is now sun protection for pooches! Ruby

Molly and Stitch

Hehehe. I sure like this article. It combines a great product with some fun reading. THank you. I sure will give it a try, to protect better my dog.

Charlie Goz

We help pets with our sun protection - pet canopies.
They block the harmful UV rays from the sun and help keep your pets stay cool in the shade.

Two French Bulldogs

I need sunscreen for my nose
Lily (& Edward)


One in three dogs will get skin cancer. That is quite alarming.

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