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Celebrate International Cat Day with Tabcat! ~ Premium Cat Locating Device

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Once a year, we celebrate those most special to us with a day of love, presents and tummy rubs – yes, Monday August 8th sees the return of International Cat Day – the annual celebration, set up in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, in honour of the most popular pet on the planet.

Our feline friends mean the world to us, so it’s only right that we treat them like the joyous bundles of fur they are. Tabcat, the world’s most accurate, effective and lightweight cat-locating device, is here to make sure each and every one of our beloved cats is protected and safe, regardless of what life throws at you.

August is also the busiest period to move home, with almost 50% of moves taking place between August and November. Undertaking such a big life change is stressful for both homeowners and their cats – and can it more likely cats will run away and hide from the commotion.  Owners can now relax knowing their fur babies with be safe, with Tabcat.

The Tabcat collar device can be used to train cats to come home at the sound of a single bleep, which means you can easily call your cat home at dinnertime or before you go to bed. This is great news for the 51% of owners who have lost sleep worrying about a cat’s whereabouts*.

One in five owners have permanently lost a cat but only 7% have tagged their pet. Tabcat reduces owners’ anxiety by allowing you to accurately locate your pet’s location to within 2.5cm – even through walls - enabling you keep tabs on your cat in even the most hard to find places.

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Tabcat also offers additional reassurance:

  • On a trip away from home and someone else is caring for your cat
  • When a cat’s routine is going to be disrupted and may wander as a result – for example, a new addition to the household

The Tabcat tag attaches to a cat’s collar and a handset then enables you to track your cat with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pinpoint patented technology, which is more reliable and exacting than Bluetooth and GPS-based devices in guiding you to a cat’s location. With 55,038 cats missing in the UK, Tabcat is a pet ‘insurance policy’ that involves one, up-front payment, giving cat owners complete peace of mind.  

NOTE: Product works WORLDWIDE! (Not just in the UK) 


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With Tabcat, beeps and flashing lights on the handheld device guide the way, becoming more frequent as you get closer to your bundle of fur. Tabcat can locate up to 122 metres (400 feet) which easily addresses the average cat’s territory.  When our beloved feline friends can’t be found due to feeling threatened by the noise of fireworks, getting lost or simply wanting to explore – cats of all ages can be protected and found at the press of a button.

Each Tabcat kit comprises two battery powered tags in black, with splash-proof covers in a range of colours, plus a handheld tracking device. Tabcat’s handheld device can track up to four cats, with additional tabs available for purchase, ensuring all of your furry friends are safe. Each CR2032 lithium battery should last up to one year, based on typical use, and is widely available.

Tabcat, priced £69.99, is available now from  



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Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC)  I am being sent a complimentary Tabcat unit which I'll be donating to a local Animal Rescue fundraiser