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Working Together to Create a Fantastic Dog Park

Niverville banner


I am now living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, having been away for over 27 years.  These past several years I have been living in the Okanagan Valley in Canada and I returned to where I grew up to be closer to my Mom who will be turning 82 this year.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  (Most of my readers, followers and blog sponsors are from the U.S.A. and peeps are often surprised to know that I live in Canada)

Now that Winnipeg is my home once again, I have been looking up pet-related organizations in the city and surrounding areas.  Online I happen to come across this very creative heart-felt project going on in the rural community of Niverville, just south of the city.  And when I saw their promotional video, I just had to share.   This dog park is the first doggy playground with 10 agility-type stations.  With countless hours of fundraising and hard work, they opened on July 23rd.   I plan to get out there this summer to see this magical dog-lovers paradise and take some photos with my camera that I am still trying to figure out. Way too many buttons and dials. 

Enjoy the video!  Guaranteed to make you smile! 





Please stop on by the Dog Adoption MB website to see what else they are up to.  It's incredible what people can create when they put their minds, hearts and muscles together.  




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What a transformation! Brilliant idea.

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