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SQUEAKNSNAP™ For Perfect Pet Pictures Every Time! GIVEAWAY!


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Do you have the world’s cutest dog or most adorable baby? How often have you tried to capture cute pictures of them with your camera’s phone – only to miss the shot before you can get them to actually look at the camera?



The SqueakNSnap™ is the amazing answer to grabbing a child’s or a pet’s attention and getting that fabulous picture – every time!

It’s a beautifully simple product – open the Camera app on your iPhone or Android device, plug the SqueakNSnap™ into your headset jack, and squeeze! That’s all! Every “squeak” commands your camera to take a picture instantaneously, while everybody is looking right at the camera!



The SqueakNSnap™ is the no-fail way to grab the undivided and eager attention of an uncooperative child or pet – so you have that one split-second you need to get the perfect portrait – and memories you can cherish for years to come!

  • Get great pictures to put on Facebook, Twitter – all social media!
  • Make gift calendars or cards - get your babies, toddlers, and pets to look into the camera for those perfect Christmas or Birthday card images!
  • Need photos to email to the grandparents? SqueakNSnap™ delivers delightful shots easily, quickly, and consistently – so you can send off daily updates!
  • Produce great slideshows using a series of lovable images of your baby or puppy – looking at you in every shot!
  • Advertise your championship puppies – breeders and trainers can capture great marketing pictures


Check out this cool product on their website:



You could WIN your very own SqueakNSnap™ by entering the GIVEAWAY!

(USA residents only) 


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Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  I received compensation for this sponsored post. 


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Ha! What a great invention! Always hard to get my pup to look at the camera when I want a selfie! Ruby

Ellen Pilch

Thank you for having such a great giveaway , we are thrilled to have won.

Daniel Scott

I want to take a picture of my dog, Artie.


My dog cause he won't sit still for pictures.


My pup named Tiger.

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