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QuickSnapTM Cat Scratcher makes Cat Scratching Beautiful!

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Attention Cat Parents!  Here is a product on Kickstarter right now that I know you will want to get in on.   And they have an EARLY BIRD offer for the first 500 peeps.  Only $25 for The Scratcher (Expected MSRP of $59.99) with delivery expected around December 2016.  Plus shipping anywhere in the world! 



Feline Innovations’ QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher makes Cat Scratching Beautiful – and offers long lasting replacement value!

  3.  QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

If you’re tired of having to hide the fuzzy scratching post when guests come around… or are simply looking for cat accessories that will look amazing in your home… then the new QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher from Feline Innovations is for you!

Feline Innovations’ new take on the cat scratcher goes beyond what you normally find, creating not only a beautiful piece of cat scratching furniture, but one that brings much needed ‘replacement’ functionality forward – significantly extending the life of the cat scratcher.

Feline Innovations’ new cat scratcher features their patent pending ‘QuickSnapTM Replaceable Method,’ which allows cat owners to easily ‘snap on’ and ‘snap off’ the sisal scratching material… and quickly replace it when it becomes worn out, for long lasting value!  Additional scratching pads are also available in carpet and seagrass, providing folks with the wonderful ability to swap and change materials for everyday scratching variety! 


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The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher was designed to bring three main features to cat lovers and living rooms alike:

  1. Beautiful Aesthetics


A major focus was to create a scratcher that doubles as a furniture piece that can complement any living room décor, while maintaining a reasonable price!  The QuickSnapTM Cat Scratcher achieves this with high quality wood finishes with a dark, luxurious shade.

     2. Easy Replacements (QuickSnapTM Replaceable Design)


4.  QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

Cats love to scratch. And when they do – things get destroyed (hopefully not your furniture)! Which means that, in all likelihood, whatever scratcher you purchase, eventually you’ll have to throw it out and get a new one.

With the easy-to-use, patent-pending QuickSnapTM Replaceable feature, users simply snap off worn-out scratching material and snap on a new pad instead of having to buy an entirely new scratcher. Replacement scratching mats will be available at an affordable price, and you save in the long run.


      3. Customizability

2.  QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

Scratching pads come in sisal, carpet, and sea grass, and the company plans to introduce multiple colors as more and more folks discover the QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher. Additional colors will be available as more folks discover and share this amazing new scratcher!


We really think you’ll love the new QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher.  The inability to replace most sisal-based cat scratchers has always been an inconvenience; and Feline Innovations really raises the bar with their new product.  Beautifully designed, innovative functionality, and long lasting value.  We deem the QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher a must-have for your upcoming accessory purchases and gifting for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions!

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(Busted for scratching the couch!)


6.  QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher
(Much better option!)

To order your QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher, check out their Kickstarter page.

Disclosure (as required by the FTC) This is a sponsored post by Feline Innovations and I have been compensated for publishing their Kickstarter announcement.  I do see this product as a benefit to cat parents everywhere.