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Merlin's KIDS - Animals & Children Helping Each Other

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Merlin's KIDS is an amazing non profit organization founded by Canine Expert Janice Wolfe and her doggie partner Wyatt, a Westminster "Ace" award winner and top service dog.

Janice and wyatt

Merlin's KIDS saves two lives at a time.

They rescue and rehabilitate shelter dogs transforming them into individually trained service dogs for children with autism and special needs, as well as our disabled Veterans.

Merlin’s KIDS transform the lives of dogs by rescuing them from a shelter situation, training them and giving them a very special and meaningful purpose to their lives.

Shelter to service

These special dogs in turn help transform the lives of both the children and the adults they serve with a life long commitment to love, care for and assist.

So in essence, the dogs save the kids and the kids save the dogs!  It's a match made in heaven!

Merlin's KIDS rely solely on charitable donations. But there are many ways to give back: Sponsoring a dog or child, volunteering, fundraising, donating supplies and more.



Please today reach out and touch two lives.  And please consider sharing this information any way you can. This is indeed a cause worth supporting.

Go to to learn more and get involved.  The dogs and children will thank you for it!

Follow them on Twitter: @Merlins_Kids  Facebook and Instagram