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I LOVE GoFetch! This is why you should too!



As a pet enthusiast, I love my dog and I am always looking out for great products or services that make my life easier. During my research, sometimes I find real golden nuggets that I post on here so I can share them with my pet-loving friends. GoFetch is definitely worth writing about!

GoFetch is Canada’s first and largest mobile app connecting dog owners to local dog walkers! The company was founded in Vancouver but are quickly growing across Canada. This service is great for both dog owners as well as any dog lover.

As an owner, I love the app because I can select dog walkers in my neighbourhood. I can look at their bios and see who would be a good fit to walk my dog. Every dog walker goes through an extensive security check and speaks to the GoFetch team individually before they can walk any dogs, which provides a level of safety and security that I can trust. I can then meet up with these walkers prior to them taking my dog for a walk to know them a bit more, for free! On top of these security checks, there is also premium pet insurance for both me and my dog, which adds to my piece of mind. I really couldn’t have dreamed of a more well thought-out process.




On the app, GoFetch offers a variety of dog walking options including on demand walking, which means I can get someone to walk my dog in the next 45 minutes. They also offer scheduled walks so when I am working, my dog can go out and get some exercise. On either of these walks, you can choose a length of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Although GoFetch is awesome for dog owners, there is also space for dog walkers to get value from this app. To my friends and fans who love walking dogs but because of housing restrictions or allergies cannot own a dog, GoFetch has a place for you too. Sign up to be a walker! Being a walker is a fun and easy way to make money fast. After completing a security check, you write a bio, share your interests and choose what prices you want to charge for each dog walk length. GoFetch also offers a reliable and secure method of payment to make sure you are always getting paid for your services. The best part for walkers is GoFetch offers up to $35 dollars in earnings before charging you for their service every month, which means this app is a really good catch (pun intended)!



But these services are not all GoFetch has to offer! They also write a blog full of fun interesting pet topics, relevant to all dog owners. Each of these blog stories is full of helpful hints about dog walking, dog foods, local Canadian dog news and more.

GoFetch is the future of dog walking and is continuing to expand by introducing the Android version of the app soon! This real Canadian startup is getting me exciting and I can’t wait to see the company grow. Join me by jumping on the GoFetch wagon now by downloading their app on the iOS store today!



If you have any questions about the services or want to learn more about GoFetch, you can contact them through their email at [email protected]  or visit their website!