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Pretty Pet Ramps - Handmade Custom Pet Ramps for Your Pets.

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This product totally caught my eye while recently searching for items for senior dogs.  I asked the owner of Pretty Pet Ramps, Jennifer Slater, to tell me about what they do.  

Pretty Pet Ramps creates handmade custom pet ramps for your pets. Our goal is to help provide a more comfortable way to share your space with your pets, and to do it with style.  I started the business because my yorkie had knee surgery and needed a ramp.   Unfortunately everything looked ugly and uncomfortable for her so we built a trendy one ourselves and have continued to use it for years
Did you know?.....
Pet ramps have so many benefits and are a great choice for any pet owner. They are especially useful for senior pets, injured, and small pets.
For small dogs jumping on and off a bed puts a lot of stress on their tiny joints. Over time this can lead to the development of arthritis or joint pain. These ramps can be a great preventative measure to maintain healthy joints and keep them active with ease!
For senior dogs it is typically already difficult to jump up and down from a bed due to current joint pain and disabilities. The ramps provides a more comfortable alternative and also helps to prevent magnifying their current ailments.
Ramps can also be very beneficial to dogs that are recovering from an injury or surgery. It's a great way to help transition back into a more mobile lifestyle.
Petramp3Lets Talk Style!
Now that you're ready to get a pet ramp for your furry friend wouldn't it be nice if instead of being an eye sore in the room it became a focal point?
We specialize in creating custom TRENDY pet ramps that not only benefit your pet, but do it with style! Our ramps are designed with fashion in mind to create a statement in your room, rather than something you want to hide. 
Why not give your pet something to be proud of?  Visit us at!
We are offer local delivery or pick-up only right now. (Frisco, Texas) 
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Two French Bulldogs

Awesome! we use a ramp all the time
Lily & Edward

Ellen Pilch

Those are great- stylish too.

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