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April 2016

Yes, You Can Train Your Goldfish!

(Image source: Shutterstock) Guest contributor: Cathy Habas Of all the possible pets on the market, a goldfish is perhaps the most hands-off. Enjoying a goldfish stems primarily from being able to watch it swim leisurely in its tank. There isn’t much more you can do with a fish. Or is... Read more →

Homeless with a dog - "A Dog's Life" premiering at Hot Docs

Quebec’s award-winning documentary filmmaker Hélène Choquette follows a different path with her latest film, A Dog’s Life – where she explores the bond between homeless people and their dogs. EMAfilms presents this powerful, and touching film, which gets a Toronto premiere at Hot Docs, Wednesday May 4 at TIFF Bell... Read more →

Lost in the Pet Food Aisle: Finding the 5 Essential Components of Healthy Dog Food

Photo credit: Trail Baboon It’s easy to feel lost in the pet food aisle, as you pick up one bag of food after another trying to decipher what ingredient labels mean. Just sifting through the sheer quantity of brands is exhausting. And, unfortunately, there is an inverse relationship between the... Read more →

American Pets Alive! Creating a No Kill Nation - Conference Announcement

Guest post: Margot McClelland, American Pets Alive! Conference Coordinator Can you imagine America becoming a No Kill Nation? American Pets Alive! can and it is our mission. AmPA! is dedicated to making America No-Kill by hosting a yearly National Conference that shares Austin Pets Alive!'s innovative No-Kill programs to educate... Read more →