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The Rufferee: A Mobile Pet Owner's Solution to Train and Monitor Their Furry Friend ~ #Indiegogo

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PetSafe, the leading pet safety and product company, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to introduce pet owners to their newest pet-training and monitoring product, the rufferee™.  

Designed for pet owners of the mobile age, the rufferee is a Bluetooth-enabled system that allows you to train and monitor your pet while you are out of the house. The set, which comes with a collar and three beacons, or flags, allows pet owners to not only train their pets to avoid "off-limit" areas (like the couch, bed, or trashcans), but to also monitor what areas their pets frequent during the day. 
Using the free rufferee mobile app, owners can activate each flag, and assign them to either "Avoid", or "Monitor," depending on what they would like to achieve. 
The "avoid" option uses both an audio and vibration warning system to alert the pet when they have come too close to an out-of-bounds area. The monitor option system works like an electronic checkin that calculates when and how long the pet visits a specific location (water bowl, litter box, etc.), and allows owners to see this information every time their mobile device syncs with the local bluetooth signal 
This product is perfect for modern pet owners that want their pets to stay safe, keep their homes protected, and learn more about what their furry friend is up to during the day.
The 30-day Indiegogo campaign launched on March 16th, and features an early bird special of $49 for one pet (1 collar and 3 flags) and up to $174 for multiple pets (2 collars and 3-5 flags).

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