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Pet Insurance EMBRACES Blind Dogs by Covering Muffin's Halo for Head Protection

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It's groundbreaking news for Blind Dogs as Embrace Pet Insurance announces their dedication to "embrace" them with Muffin's Halo for head protection   covering it under their Wellness Rewards routine care plan.

“Muffin’s Halo has taken a major problem for blind dogs – the risk of head trauma – and solved it in a remarkable way, improving their quality of life substantially. It only makes sense to do our part in helping pet parents afford this impressive product by covering it under Wellness Rewards.”Laura Bennett, CEO and Chief Embracer.



Embrace Pet Insurance is an Ohio-based pet insurance provider offering comprehensive, personalized insurance products for dogs and cats across the US. Along with their exceptional accident and illness coverage, Embrace offers Wellness Rewards, a flexible routine care plan that covers a pet’s everyday health care expenses. Wellness Rewards works much like a health savings account, allowing pet owners to budget for their pet’s care.




Today, since dogs are living longer lives, many of them end up blind and struggle with the lack of confidence and injuries sustained from bumping into objects.   Muffin’s Halo is a device that helps a blind dog navigate and its halo acts as a buffer to safeguard their head, nose, face and shoulders. When the halo confronts an obstruction, it sends a signal to the dog which re-directs them. They catch on very fast and it is truly amazing to watch their confidence level rise as they feel free to explore their worlds again bump-free. This light weight and comfortable aid does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity like eating, drinking, sleeping or playing, allowing them an enjoyable quality of life.   Animal Ophthalmologists and Veterinarians widely recommend it to their visually impaired patients.



Dr. Marty Becker – America’s Favorite Celebrity Veterinarian blogged, “I was recently sent a review product called “Muffin’s Halo” to try, and it blew me away enough that it became one of my 2015 Top New Pet Products of the Year.”  

Canine blindness can be caused by several factors such as: cataracts, glaucoma, SARDS, corneal problems, cancer, trauma, retinal diseases, diabetes and/or genetics.  

“Many blind dogs are owner surrendered to shelters scared and disoriented, and too many do not make it out. It is so important for people to know that there is an excellent aid available to help their blind dog not only transition but thrive,” says Silvie Bordeaux – Founder/Inventor of Muffin’s Halo. She continues, “I am so grateful that Embrace Pet Insurance cares about their well-being by offering to cover the expense of a Muffin’s Halo in their Wellness Rewards routine care plan.   Now, many more blind dogs will be navigating safely in their worlds because of Laura Bennett’s compassion for them.”




To learn more about Embrace Pet Insurance, visit For more information about Muffin’s Halo, visit or call Silvie Bordeaux at 818.943.9673.




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Ron A.

Wow, this is absolutely an amazing product! This will be really helpful to dogs with vision problems. I believe that with the help of this product more dogs with vision problems will get adopted.

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