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March 2016

The Rufferee: A Mobile Pet Owner's Solution to Train and Monitor Their Furry Friend ~ #Indiegogo

PetSafe, the leading pet safety and product company, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to introduce pet owners to their newest pet-training and monitoring product, the rufferee™. Designed for pet owners of the mobile age, the rufferee is a Bluetooth-enabled system that allows you to train and monitor your pet while... Read more →

Pet Qwerks Made in USA Flavorit™ Expands its Line of Dog Chews - Giveaway!

The Flavorit™ Dog Chews - just like the name implies, you can flavor them yourself! They’re infused with food-grade flavoring so it’s not necessary unless you want to up the treatmeter for Fido. Flavorit™ is a game changer in the nylon bone dog chew category. It’s not only already infused... Read more →

The 10 Most Common Pet Injuries - And What to do About Them

(Image source: thepossiblecanine) No matter how careful we are as pet parents, accidents happen. Whether it's something minor, like a torn nail, or something more significant, like a snake bite, the time to prepare yourself is now. Pet-proof your home by removing poisonous plants and locking cleaners and human medications... Read more →

Pet Insurance EMBRACES Blind Dogs by Covering Muffin's Halo for Head Protection

It's groundbreaking news for Blind Dogs as Embrace Pet Insurance announces their dedication to "embrace" them with Muffin's Halo for head protection covering it under their Wellness Rewards routine care plan. “Muffin’s Halo has taken a major problem for blind dogs – the risk of head trauma – and solved... Read more →

How To Help Your Dog Like Hygiene - Guest Author

(Image source: Puppy Institute) Guest author: Kayla Matthews Convincing your dog that keeping clean is fun can be a challenge. K9s are not much interested in bath time or grooming. So monopolize on what they are interested in — treats, fetch and scratches. Here are some common types of dog... Read more →