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I lost my dear Oscar before Christmas.  I haven't even been able to blog about his departure to The Rainbow Bridge.  I have posted many times on my personal Facebook page and once on my Pet Blog Lady page, but here I am, a professional pet blogger, and I can't get it together to write about my loss.   I am almost there.   I was Oscar's "mom" for almost 15 years and I will carry him in my heart for the rest of my life.  I do sense his presence at times and am convinced that beloved pets are with us as we continue our own journey on Earth.

The wonderful peeps at Andy's Paw Prints contacted me awhile ago about doing a promotion of some sort.   When I responded that Oscar was no longer with me and thanked them for taking the time to contact me, I was so touched with their offer to help me celebrate the love for Oscar in a timeless keepsake.   Well.... I cannot say enough with how absolutely thrilled with what they created.  A digital print that is stunning.  I just LOVE it!


Oscar taron 2

Oscars portrait

(True to Life Digital Painting style) 


In a nutshell, they will take a photo of your pet and transform it into an incredible work of art.  They offer six different styles:

  • pop-art
  • true-to-life digital painting
  • charcoal digital drawings, colored pencil digital drawings
  • rustic art (looks like it is done on wood) and
  • rescue (has the words on it behind the pet).

Here you can see HUNDREDS of examples of their pet art. 


6 different styles





Learn more here about HOW IT WORKS to get your own portrait.  It's a simple process, both in submitting your photos and choosing your style. 


Apart from their incredible talent, here is something that truly melted my heart.  When they create custom pet portraits they donate to help animals in need at partnering shelters. They donate 25% of our profit from every purchase to one of their partners. The client chooses which one of their partners they would like them to make a donation to. To date they have 203 partners! They accept any organization regardless of their size, location or non-profit status. They also understand that there are many organizations out there doing amazing work and they just cannot afford to become a non-profit. If an organization wants to partner, all they have to do is request it at


Tim and sherry with frame


Tim and Sherry Wemple are the creators and founders of Andy's Paw Prints and I asked Sherry how it all came to be.  

"In 2010 I lost my beloved Lily. She was that above all others special dog for me. I searched for an artist to do a portrait of her and found one I loved but he was so expensive and I was a single mom of a sick child so I did not get it. Years later I married Tim and pitched Andy's Paw Prints to him. We both loved pets, we both loved art and we both had a desire to help animals. That is how all of the pieces connected and Andy's Paw Prints was put into motion. We originally thought we would do this to help our local shelter and within 3 weeks we had other shelters asking us to help. Really feel like I am the luckiest person alive to get to do what I so passionate love doing and getting to impact animals lives every day!"




I would highly recommend treating yourself or a loved one to an Andy's Paw Prints creation.  My portrait of Oscar has indeed become one of my all-time favorite things.  

For more information, check out their website and LIKE their Facebook page, especially since they showcase new prints and inform their customers of specials and giveaways.   

Thank you so very much Tim and Sherry for my Oscar portrait.  

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Disclosure (as required by the FTC)  I received a digital portrait at no cost to myself.