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A Product That Works to Remove Pet Urine Smell - Urine OFF



Blogging about the smell of pet urine isn't something I thought I would do.  But it can be a real problem with pet owners.  Sadly it can sometimes result in cats and dogs being taken to shelters out of the owner's frustration to remove it.  That makes blogging about it worth it, wouldn't you say?  Plus I get to type the word urine several times.  Never passing up that chance.   Some of the product features are: 

  • Works on ALL Urine Stains!  
  • Powerful Microorganisms Consume Urine Components
  • Safe on ALL Surfaces!  (Like this fact as it can be used on upholstery, doggie beds, cat towers...)
  • NO Harsh Chemicals – Safe for animals and humans
  • 30 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee!
  • Veterinarian Approved



It is now available in over 7,000 Walgreens.  It is a top 5 finalist out of 500 for the GIA Award in the International Home and Housewares Show.  Its kind to Mother Nature as it's eco-friendly, uses natural microogranisms to consume urine components.   And it is the Official cleaner of the Crufts dog show.  

It also comes with this handy super cool Urine Finder.  It's like being in an episode of CSI, as you hunt to find the source of the smell.  My official Urine Detective name would be Captain Smelly. Or Sargeant Stinky.  





Urineoff 8


You can purchase Urine OFF at Walgreens and through their website   






Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC)  This is a sponsored post and I received compensation for spreading the word about this cool product. 


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Olivia Bowman

Thanks for sharing. I didn't like that this product left an "after-smell" in my house. I'm happier using Oreck's odor eliminating candles. Not only that they get rid of the odor, they also leave my house smelling fresh and clean. I would definitely recommend these candles. -


Ok, this post and its comments convinced me that I need to pick up a bottle of this stuff. I hope my Walgreens has it. I have an older cat that pees all over my house, so this would be a lifesaver if it actually works.

Yvonne C

This product is a godsend. And it really comes down to the flashlight working in conjunction with the spray. My dog kept peeing in the same spot. I turned the lights out, turned on the flashlight and realized that I missed a whole bunch of undetectable pee spatter. The flashlight lit up all of it for me to easily clean. I sprayed down all the glow in the dark areas and my dog no longer pees on the door frame. He can't smell the odor anymore - it's gone!

Kevin T.

Found this product in my Walgreens store I go to. Used it on a few spots, and not to be cheesy but finally, something that does work, lol. Definitely recommend it!!
Kevin T.
Orl, FL


I am curious to try this product since I have also tried many and can't say anything really good about any of them so this will be worth a try.
I do suggest everyone go to Amazon to make your purchase. The product is cheaper and you do not need the cheap battery operated black light.
I am ordering a one gallon size for $24.95 and free shipping. Can't beat that, especially if it works.
Richmond, VA

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