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 Veterinarians of the Future


Here is an interesting quandary, Alyssa, age 12 — is devoted to caring for her dog, three cats, hamster and her beloved sugar glider — asked her parents when one morning, if she could miss school to go to her cat’s veterinary appointment “just to watch what the vet does.”

What do you do? Take her or have her go to school?

While many adults are still trying to figure out what they want to do when they grow up, it turns out one in five tweens (aged 9 to 14) already know and have made it clear — they want to be veterinarians. The good news, is that unlike other career goals, this one is most likely to stick! Because 65 percent of practicing veterinarians knew they wanted to be a veterinarian before the age of 13. Yet many parents and grandparents aren’t quite sure what to do, when they learn their loved one wants to be a veterinarian.


Vet set go facebook

Thankfully, Christopher Carpenter, DVM, created Vet Set Go — the first and only book and web community of its kind — to provide valuable information for tweens and teens as well as their parents and grandparents looking to feed a young person’s interest in animals by opening doors to veterinary medicine now.  Dr. Carpenter believes veterinary medicine is a true calling, not just a whim or fancy of a child but rather a critical path in life.

The newly released book Vet Set Go! — available at — is a “how-to-book” for tweens, providing checklists, action plans, introductory letters and thank you notes. It outlines many ways young people can gain experience working with animals now — from shadowing a veterinarian and attending veterinary or zoo camps across the country to pet-sitting and fostering a pet through an animal shelter.


VetSetGo_01_Front-cover (2) is designed for aspiring tween veterinarians to virtually shadow veterinarians and share their experiences. The Vet Set Go community is created for tweens and teens to explore the science of taking care of animals, meet veterinarians from all over the country and take a peek into their practices through the video series called “Meet the Vets.” The website also invites program managers from camps, zoos, foster programs and other veterinary educational opportunities from all over the country to post their programs for tweens at

There are many creative ways to foster an interest in animals. But there is a tremendous benefit to loving and caring for animals, that even I was unaware of – animals are a great way to get more kids involved in science without even realizing it!


VetSetGo_pg22_Photo-1 (2)

VetSetGo_pg12_Photo-1 (2)

Grab a book today at or even explore what our animal caregivers do on a daily basis!


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Disclosure: (As required by the FTC) This is a sponsored post and I have been compensated to promote this inspiring program for young people. 


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