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February 2016

Pet Insurance 101 - Guest Contributor

(Image source: iStock photo) By Sara Radak, Lead Content Strategist, Embrace Pet Insurance “Pet insurance?! What’s that?” If that is your response to the title of this post, fear not, you’re not alone! However, we hope you’ll read on to learn how pet insurance can benefit you and your pets!... Read more →

How To Support Small Businesses by Buying Unique Pet Products

In the pet products industry, small businesses, start-ups, and crafters certainly have it "ruff." Not only are these dedicated animal lovers working hard to maintain their businesses, they’re up against some big companies with equally big marketing budgets. But these massive pet store chains don’t just hurt small businesses, they... Read more →

Vet Set Go! - Inspiring Tweens to Follow Their Passion to be Veterinarians

Veterinarians of the Future Here is an interesting quandary, Alyssa, age 12 — is devoted to caring for her dog, three cats, hamster and her beloved sugar glider — asked her parents when one morning, if she could miss school to go to her cat’s veterinary appointment “just to watch... Read more →

Alternative Therapies for Pets - Are They Covered By Insurance?

For any pet suffering from an illness, experiencing chronic pain or recovering from an accident or surgery, conventional veterinary treatment is usually rightly the first port of call for pet owners. However there are sometimes health conditions and even behavioural issues for some pets which can benefit from alternative therapies... Read more →