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How To Support Small Businesses by Buying Unique Pet Products


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In the pet products industry, small businesses, start-ups, and crafters certainly have it "ruff." Not only are these dedicated animal lovers working hard to maintain their businesses, they’re up against some big companies with equally big marketing budgets. But these massive pet store chains don’t just hurt small businesses, they often limit pet-owner's options to a handful of big-name brands. So what do you do if you want to buy unique products for your pets and help up-and-coming businesses get off the ground? It’s easy: check out’s recently-launched Flea Market. This pets-only marketplace is similar to Etsy, except it's exclusively for pet products and pet-themed products for people. Like other online marketplaces, all of the sellers on Cuteness are independent sellers who manage their own "pet shops," listings, and inventory.


Bullpit (2)

Sweatshirt by Arm the Animals


But shopping at Cuteness’ Flea Market isn’t just about having cool pet products and supporting small businesses, it’s also about giving back. Many Cuteness sellers donate a portion of their proceeds to animal charities, rescues, or shelters. Among these are Arm the Animals which sells products (mostly clothing for people) that helps increase awareness for animal rights issues via ultra cool designs and clever slogans.


Moo tug pulling (2)
Upcycled Dog Toys from Mootugs


Unlike national retailers and big box pet stores, most of the products on Cuteness are unique and handmade, appealing to discriminating and trendsetting shoppers who want their pets to stand out from the pack. For example, you'll find unique products like MooTugs—eco-friendly, upcycled milking udders turned dog tug toys which actually retain a dairy farm scent which dogs love, and handmade, food-inspired, high potency catnip toys for cats. The only drawback, however, is a temporary one: Cuteness’ marketplace is currently only open to buyers and sellers in the US & Canada, though they have plans to expand in the future.

  Sushi toys (2)

Handmade Cat Toys with Organic Catnip by Whimsily Ever After


For those who want to sell products on, the process is easy and free. Flea Market seller David Hayford of TetherTug offers the following advice: “Learn who your customers are and love them. You probably won’t be the cheapest product out there so you have to be the best. We answer all of the emails personally, embrace the culture and listen to our customers everyday.”

Now that’s the kind of pet shop that anyone would want to support!

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Jay Thomas

It is a good business of pet products.I always purchase for my pups a great and branded clothes.I take care for their small and large things.They are my family members.I love this site.

Two French Bulldogs

Cute stuff for sure
Lily & Edward

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